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LOLs and Iris
‘I hate fishing’ Boston Runner thought to himself, as he stepped off the porch of a small wooden cottage. Today was his turn to go fishing, and he absolutely despised it. Having to sit around on the shore to a body of water, and wait for god-knows how long, for a fish to come in sight. However, it was his assignment, and he didn’t want to let his caretaker down.
He approached the opening to the long, thin trail. An old wooden sign which showed it’s age well, was staked by the entrance, and read ‘Crystal lake’ Which was Boston’s favorite place to fish, the scenery was jaw dropping beautiful. A devious smile spread across his face as he looked down the long trail, he hunched down, and could almost hear the sound of someone counting down in his head, ‘3, 2, 1, GO’ And with that, he sprung forward, and begun galloping down the trail, swiftly dodging the Rose-Bush obstacles, and taking all of the turns with grace.
Within minutes,
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Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 3
Glowstick groaned as he slowly lifted his head up, only to find Lucy, the girl from last night cuddled in his arms, sound asleep. “How far did we go…?” Glowstick asked himself, as looked at the girl. He then began to rub his eyes, trying to get rid of the blurry vision he had. “11:22…?” He moaned, as he looked down at his watch. ‘I have to get back home…’ He thought to himself, knowing it wasn’t going to be an easy task, as he didn’t want to wake up the girl. He slyly, snuck out of her arms, and swiftly jumped over the back of the sofa. He groggily stepped up to his equipment, he quickly began to pack all of his items when Lucy stepped up to him. Glowstick looked up from the computer case that he had just zipped up. “Oh… Hey, sorry, did I wake you up…?” Glowstick asked, blushing a little. “Well, you’re not the most sly Fox I’ve ever met…” She said, as she rubbed her a
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Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 2
After about 10 Minutes of Break-Neck driving, the car pulled into the parking lot that belonged to the Sublimotion, Mighty’s jaw dropped as he looked at the building, it was colored brightly on the outside, and had a hallucinogenic design. He wished Glowstick could have been here to see it, ‘He would have loved this…’ He thought to himself, as the seat in front of him was pulled forward. He stepped out of the car, Orca, following right after him stepped out next to mighty. This was the first time Mighty got a good look at the man, He wore all white, had white hair, and Bright golden eyes. Mighty could have sworn they sparkled. The man clicked a button on his car keys and the doors to the Ferrari locked. “Let’s get going now, we don’t want to be late for our appointment!” The man said, as he smiled and placed his arm’s around Medusa’s shoulders, who smiled back and laid her head in his shoulder. Mighty looked over at his friend
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Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 1
A loud bell sounded from outside of the large Red School building, “This blows, summer went by Way too fast” A black fox said to the Red Armadillo next to him, as they entered the school building. “I know right, I just hope Tenth grade will be better this ninth” The armadillo responded.
This was Glowstick and Mighty… Two high school sophomore’s at the Suaria United High School, An elite Academy, which was run by Jocks, And Spoiled brats. With the exception of these two… Who were just lucky enough to be chosen as the winners of last year’s Scholarship Giveaway.
Glowstick placed his green headphones in his locker and slammed the door, “Hey mighty” Mighty took his time neatly placing his books into his locker, before closing the door and facing his friend. “What?” he responded, halfway expecting a stupid ‘Chicken Butt’? “The best thing about high school, is the girls actually have girl parts… I
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‘I hate fishing’ Boston Runner thought to himself, as he stepped off the porch of a small wooden cottage. Today was his turn to go fishing, and he absolutely despised it. Having to sit around on the shore to a body of water, and wait for god-knows how long, for a fish to come in sight. However, it was his assignment, and he didn’t want to let his caretaker down.

He approached the opening to the long, thin trail. An old wooden sign which showed it’s age well, was staked by the entrance, and read ‘Crystal lake’ Which was Boston’s favorite place to fish, the scenery was jaw dropping beautiful. A devious smile spread across his face as he looked down the long trail, he hunched down, and could almost hear the sound of someone counting down in his head, ‘3, 2, 1, GO’ And with that, he sprung forward, and begun galloping down the trail, swiftly dodging the Rose-Bush obstacles, and taking all of the turns with grace.

Within minutes, he had reached the lake, without even breaking a sweat. He sniffed the air loudly, smelling the clean area that surrounded him. “Hey there” Boston quickly turned his head in the direction that the soft, feminine voice had come from. A gray, yeti maned, female was sitting there, her Fur coat was soaked, from obviously failed, fishing attempts. Boston felt star gazed, never before in his life had he seen something so Beautiful. “Well, I’m Iris” The Dire said, placing her large paw over her chest. “Hey, Erm, Iris, My name is Red’s Boston Runner, However my friends call me Scout” Scout said, with a smile. “Nice to meet you, Red” She said, with a smile. Scout couldn’t exactly see her eyes, due to her long, curly mane, that laid softly over both of them. “Say, do you think you can help me catch some fish? I mean, if not no big deal…” Iris said, as she rubbed her paw on the ground. Normally, Boston would have of refused to help someone other than himself, but when it came to impressing a female, it was a whole different story. “Sure can!” Boston said, as he slipped out from underneath of the saddlebags that were on top of him. Iris smiled widely, as she watched Boston leap into the water, resulting in a large splash.

A few hours had passed, before Boston decided to call quits. He had gather a bountiful amount of fish, more then he could even have fit in his saddle bags, he wasn’t sure if it was just a good day for him, or the extra adrenaline of trying to impress Iris. He stepped out of the water, and began to shake back and forth rapidly, attempting to dry off his fur coat. He stepped up to the Large pile of Fish and other Aquatic animals and began to evenly sort them out into two large piles.

“Thanks a ton, Scout” Iris said, as she leaned in and kissed Scouts cheek, causing him to blush. Iris turned around, and picked up the large bag with her mouth, and began to walk away. Scout could feel that this was the start of something great.

LOLs and Iris
Breeding Story

Iris and Red's Boston Runner (Called Scout and Boston in the story)
Glowstick groaned as he slowly lifted his head up, only to find Lucy, the girl from last night cuddled in his arms, sound asleep. “How far did we go…?” Glowstick asked himself, as looked at the girl. He then began to rub his eyes, trying to get rid of the blurry vision he had. “11:22…?” He moaned, as he looked down at his watch. ‘I have to get back home…’ He thought to himself, knowing it wasn’t going to be an easy task, as he didn’t want to wake up the girl. He slyly, snuck out of her arms, and swiftly jumped over the back of the sofa. He groggily stepped up to his equipment, he quickly began to pack all of his items when Lucy stepped up to him. Glowstick looked up from the computer case that he had just zipped up. “Oh… Hey, sorry, did I wake you up…?” Glowstick asked, blushing a little. “Well, you’re not the most sly Fox I’ve ever met…” She said, as she rubbed her arm. Glowstick’s cheeks became a bright red, he quickly turned his head in an attempt to hide it, as he began packing his stuff again. Lucy looked to the side, “Well… I’m glad you woke me up, as I wanted to give you this…” She said, as she laid down a thin slip of paper on top of Glowstick’s Turntable. Glowstick picked it up, and written on it was a phone number. At this moment, Glowstick wanted to jump in the air and cheer ‘YES!’ like the ending of a cheesy 80’s movie, however he decided to play it cool. “Thanks…!” Glowstick said, to Lucy who was already halfway across the room, being careful to not step on the passed out students on the ground. She stopped and turned her head slightly, “I think I’m going to take you up on your offer…” She said, before turning back around making her way out of the house. Glowstick observed the piece of paper for a few seconds before a wide smile spread across his face, as he carefully placed it in his laptops bag.

Orca pulled up to the address that was given to him by the frog that sat behind him, he looked up at the large building that had a sign which read ‘Little Crybaby’s Orphanage’ Orca’s heart immediately sank. “Is… Is this you’re home…?” Orca asked, as he placed his foot down to support his bike. “Yep!” Slippy said, as he got ready to hop off the bike. “Hold on” Orca said, as he held his arm out to stop the frog from jumping off the bike. ‘I’m going to regret this…’ Orca thought to himself, as he bit his bottom lip. “Have you ever eaten at a REAL restaurant…?” Orca asked Slippy, with a blank stare. “Well, I went to golden corral on my 5th birthday! If that’s what you mean…” Slippy said, as he scratched his chin. “That settles it, I’m taking you out for lunch…” Orca said, as he lifted up his foot, and began to drive away from the Orphanage. “What…? Why?” Slippy yelled, trying to out speak the rushing wind. “I’m not really sure, I guess you just seem like you need to try something new…” Orca said, a slight smile came across his face as he thought about how surprised the frog would be when tasting ACTUAL food.

“The Red Molester…?” Slippy asked in confusion, as Orca killed the engine. “Gee, I don’t think this is appropriate for a boy my age…” Slippy said, as he scratched his foot on the ground in the large parking lot. Orca couldn’t help but face palm, “Have you ever even been on the internet…?” Orca asked, as he drug his palm down his face. “Well, there was that time when jimmy show me…” Slippy was cut off, by Orca who placed his hand over the frog’s mouth. “You know what, I don’t want to know…” Orca said, as he took his hand off the frog’s mouth. “Alrighty” Slippy said, as his stupid grin reappeared. “Just please, behave yourself… They have every right in the world to throw you out in these places…” Orca stated, as he readjusted his ponytail to make sure it was formal. “And whatever you do, stay quiet…” Orca stated, as he held the door open for his friend.

“Table for two, please my good sir.” Orca asked the man behind the counter, in a very gentlemanly voice. The man leaned over the counter, and carefully examined the two. He made a disgusted lookat Slippy, before hesitantly shouting ‘Follow Me’ as he began to walk off, Orca and Slippy followed obediently. He pointed to a table in the corner of the room, and began to curl his long handlebar mustache. He leaned in and whispered in Orca’s ear, “Keep your pet on a leash” He said, before standing up straight, and walking off. Orca watched as Slippy’s eyes darted around the large, clean smelling restaurant. Slippy opened the menu, and was confused by all the names of the dishes. Orca looked up from the menu, and noticed the glassed over eyes of the frog. Orca reached over the table, and pulled the menu out of Slippy’s hand. “Might be best if I ordered for you…” Orca said, with the same blank expression. Slippy breathed a sigh of relief, “Hehe, yeah…” He said, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Slippy’s eyes bulged out of his skull as he watched the Waiter place a large plat in front of him, which had various delicacies from across the world piled on it. “Thank you, Sir.” Orca said, as he bowed to the Waiter, who placed a large plate in front of him. The Waiter returned the bow, except adding in some kind of weird twirling of the hand, to Slippy it was strange. And with that, the Waiter walked back off into the kitchen. “How do I even eat all of this…?” Slippy asked, as he observed the plate from various positions. Orca lifted up the two chopsticks with his fingers and tried his best to show Slippy how to use them, to his surprise Slippy got the hang of it fairly fast, and was eating food like a Japanese boss soon enough. “It tastes soooooo~ good” Slippy said, he got a mouth full of Crab leg meat. Orca smiled triumphantly at this, seeing that his job was done. Orca himself, after doing an inner-victory dance began to eat himself.

An hour or two had passed until the two were done eating, Orca gently tapped his mouth with a white napkin. “You’re bill, good Sir…” The Waiter said, as he placed a black checkbook in front of Orca. Orca quickly hid the receipt from Slippy, as he was afraid it might give him a heart attack if he saw the total for the meal. He quickly placed a gold credit card inside the black book, and handed it back to the waiter, who in response did the weird bow thing. “Now try and tell me that Sticky’s was better than that…” Orca said, as a half-smile spread across his face. “I won’t ever look at food the same way…” Slippy whispered, as he looked at both of his palms. Orca wasn’t really sure how to take that, and was relieved when he saw the Waiter, reemerge from the Kitchen, carrying the black book. “Excuse me, but I believe you have made a mistake…” The waiter said, as he placed the black book back down on the table. “How so…?” Orca asked, as he took his credit card back from the book, and placed it back into his wallet. “Well, you see… There was no tip…” The waiter said, nervously. Orca smiled, and stood up, and signaled for the Frog to do the same. “Oh, no mistake there Sir… Please keep your attitude on a leash, and maybe I’ll give you a tip next time” Orca said, giving a brief grin to the man, before turning around and walking away. The Waiter stood there, fuming with rage, he kept trying to say something but no words would come out, he then stomped back into the Kitchen, giving a strangling motion.

Orca and Slippy left the restaurant laughing, Slippy had to stop once to catch his breath. As they made their way to the Snow White Motorcycle, that was parked on the furthest edge of the parking lot, they both grinned heavily, very proud of themselves. Orca swung his leg over the seat, Slippy shortly followed, and grabbed around Orca’s waist. Orca started the engine and kicked up the stand, and pulled the clutch and the bike swiftly went into 1st gear, and sped out of the parking lot with great force.

Orca pulled up to the gloomy orphanage, and stopped his bike, and killed the engine. Slippy stepped off the bike, and turned back around to look at Orca. “Thanks for, you know… Taking me out for lunch…” Slippy said, as he kicked the ground. “Would have been a boring Saturday otherwise…” Orca said, as he brushed his ponytail back behind him. Slippy started to tear up, and his lips started to quiver. ‘Did I do something wrong…?’ Orca thought to himself, “What…?” Orca asked, filled with confusion. “Its…It’s just that nobody has ever done anything nice for me before…”  Slippy said, as he wiped away tears with the sleeve of his Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Orca felt bad for him, he was so kind, just misunderstood. Orca couldn’t find the correct words to use at the moment, and just stood sat there, looking around to make sure nobody was eyeing him strange. Suddenly, Slippy ran up to Orca and hugged his waist tightly. “Thanks…” Slippy said, before turning around and running through the doors of the orphanage. I smile spread across Orca’s face, before he started the motorcycle, and left the drive way.

Glowstick struggled to carry all 3 suitcases, he was dreading the 3 mile walk back to his house. He looked over to notice a street he had never paid any attention to before, he bit his bottom lip, it appeared to be a shortcut, or if he was wrong, then he would just have to walk more then he already did. “Screw it” He said to himself, as he began to walk down the street. Ever few yards, he had to stop and reposition the 3 suitcases he was holding. “I should’ve only brought one….” He said, as he looked down at the third suitcase. He put in a pair of earbuds and pulled out his phone, and began to play music. He began to hum the song that was playing, and as always, Music made everything better. He didn’t even notice the weight of the suitcases dragging him down, as he began to bob his head to the beat. A silly grin spread across his face, as he began to dance around the road, which of course made the trip slower, but he could care less. After a while though, the weight started to set in, and he could feel a pain beginning in his arm. He sighed, as he walked over to a nearby fallen tree. He set his things down, and began to shake his arms a little. He sat down, and looked over the large farmland. It seemed like a waste to him, for the farmers to hog all this land for themselves, when you could supply so many places for housing. He yawned, and rested his head on his hand. He sat there for a few minutes, regaining his strength. He was about to grab his things when he noticed something strange, sticking out of a large pile of brush in the middle of a field. ‘What is that…?’ He asked himself as he squinted at the object, trying to get a better view. He swung his things over his shoulder, and started to make his way over to the large pile of brush.

As he approached it, he noticed the object was a long, metal antenna. “No Way…” Glowstick said to himself in disbelief, as he immediately dropped all of his belongings and ran up the brush. He stood in front of the object in awe, he slowly reached out and wiped away a large chunk of mud, doing so, exposed a white door, with a 2 faded black stripes. Glowstick couldn’t believe it, as he rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He quickly began to wipe, and pull off all of the weeds and dirt that covered the car, after around a half an hour he stepped back and observed the car. He wiped some of the mud off of his forehead, and proceeded to walk to the back of the white vehicle. He used his fingers to dig out the mud that covered the large chrome badge that was located by the tail lights. “Mercury Cyclone…” Glowstick read, as he finished wiping off the mud. He stood back up, and walked over to the driver side door. He placed his hand on the handle, and pressed the button. To his surprise, the button actually pushed in, and with a loud clank, the door swung open. “Wow…” Glowstick said, as he looked at the destroyed interior of the vehicle. He crouched down once again, and read the small metal plate that was bolted to the inside of the door. “1969, Huh…?” He said, as he stood back up and smiled. He slammed the door closed, and looked down at himself. “I’m a mess…” Glowstick said, as he tried to wipe off the dirt that he was covered in. “Who did this to you…?” Glowstick asked, as he looked sadly at the destroyed car. “I’ll save you, don’t worry…” He said, as he swung his backpack over his shoulder.

Glowstick made his way back to the road, and looked both ways. ‘How am I supposed to find out who owns this property…?’ Thought to himself, as he began walking up the road, to the nearest house he could see. ‘They will probably want a fortune for it...’ Glowstick thought to himself, as he walked down the empty street. He then began to wonder to himself how he would pay them off, ‘Well, I have $2000 in savings, maybe I could use that as a down payment…’ He thought, as a smile returned to his face. “Yeah…” He said, as he walked up to the door of the old farm house. He knocked a few times, and then stepped back awaiting an answer. After a few seconds he stepped back up to knock again, but as he reached his arm out to knock, when the door swung open. To reveal a woman in a floral dress shirt, she had jet black hair and had a baby with black and white hair cradled in one of her arms. She pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and looked Glowstick up and down. “What do you want…?” She asked, putting the smoking cigarette back into her mouth. “Oh, well… Uhm, I wanted to know if you wanted to sell that old car of yours…” Glowstick said, nervously. “You been trespassing on my property…?” She asked, as she took a large puff of the cigarette.

Glowstick hadn’t really thought about that, and wasn’t really sure what to respond. “Well, I uhm, I just saw the car, and wanted to know if you were wanting to sell it…” Glowstick added nervously, as he rubbed the back of his neck. The woman stood at the doorway and smoked the cigarette in her hand for a few seconds, before finally blowing out a large cloud of smoke on Glowstick, Which caused him to cough uncontrollably. “You really want that old piece of junk…? No way will that thing ever be road worthy…” She said, as she tapped the ash out of her cigarette. “Well, I think I could get it running again” Glowstick said, a small grin appearing. The woman thought about it for a minute, before finally looking back down at the teenager who stood at her doorstep. “Well, if you want it… I’d take $500 for it, the way it sits… But you are going to have to dig it out of there…” She said, as she repositioned the kid in her arms. “R-really..?” Glowstick asked, in awe. “Don’t think I’m doing you a favor, I was going to scrap it anyway…” She said, as she flicked the cigarette into her front yard. “Thank you so much! I’ll bring you back the cash today, I just got to run back home!” Glowstick said, as he picked up his belongings once again. “Alright” She said, as she stepped back into the house. “Gweeeen” The baby said, as it reached its hand out at Glowstick, before the mother closed the door. Glowstick glanced over at the buried car one more time, before he started running back to his house.

Mighty was sitting at his computers desk, angrily typing up a string of comments, he had been at this for over an hour with a random stranger named ‘Fatlip376’ Who had accused Mighty of being a ‘Faglord’ However, when told that he was, in-fact straight, he responded ‘Lol’ which only infuriated Mighty even more. He was about to send the long, ranting message when he heard a loud knock at his door. “Who could that be?!” Mighty asked himself angrily, as he jumped up from his chair and stomped downstairs. He finally made it to the door, and swung it open, “Ew, Glowstick what happened…? Did you finally go back to your pig pen?” Mighty asked, as he looked in disgust at his friend, who was covered head to toe in mud. “Nope, just with your mom…” Glowstick responded, a large smile appearing, which caused Mighty to frown. “What do you want?” Mighty asked, as he crossed his arms. “Why do think I need something…?” Glowstick asked, as he raised an eyebrow. “Well, the only time you come to me, is when you either, A: Want to come and raid my parents fridge, or B: Need my help” Mighty stated, as he tapped his shoe on the ground. “Hmm, good point… Anyways, I need you to come and help me dig up a car” Glowstick said, as he wiped mud off of his shirt. “Wait, you need me to help you with what…?” Mighty asked, not sure he heard his friend right. “A car, I bought one from this farm” Glowstick said, as he pulled off a chunk of mud, and flicked it at his friends face. Mighty groaned loudly, “But I was just getting comfortable” He said, as he rubbed his temples. “Oh well, chop chop, friendship is needed” Glowstick said, as he looked at his watch, which was covered in filth. “Why am I such a good friend…. Fine, let me get dressed…” Mighty said, as he slammed his front door closed. ‘Such a sucker…’ Glowstick thought to himself, as a large grin spread across his face.

“So, what is it…?” Mighty asked, as the two of them walked down the empty road. “You’ll see...” Glowstick said, as he stuck the large envelope of money in his back pocket. “You’re parents aright with this…?” Mighty asked, as he looked over at his friend. A serious expression came across his friends face, as he looked down at the ground, “No, probably not, but who cares” Glowstick said, as he kicked a small pebble across the road. “Ah” Mighty said, as he tucked his hands into the small pocket of his hoodie.

“You actually came back” The lady said in amazement, as Glowstick pulled out the envelope. “You thought I wouldn’t..?” Glowstick asked, as he handed the envelope to the woman. She pulled out the bank slips, and counted to make sure that it was the correct amount. “Alright, she’s all yours… Let me get you the title” She said, as she turned around, and disappeared into the large house once again. “Dude, it’s killing me… What is it…?” Mighty asked, impatiently. Glowstick opened his mouth to answer, when the small toddler from before, shyly peeked around the door, and looked the two of them over, a large smile spread across his face as he held his arms out at Mighty, “Wed~” He said, as he made grabbing motions with his hands at Mighty. Mighty smiled, his heart melting from the adorable sight. “Get back in here!” The lady yelled, as she walked out the door, the kid quickly rushed back inside the house and hid behind her leg. “Sorry about that, he can be such a little brat” She said, as she held out a small sheet of paper to Glowstick, who quickly grabbed it from her. “Good luck” She said, before she walked back inside the house and closed the door. Glowstick tucked it carefully in his pocket, in order to not damage it. “Alright, you ready to see the future ‘Beat-Mobile’ Mighty?” Glowstick said, as he made a waving motion with his arms. “Aye, Aye captain” Mighty said, letting out a short chuckle.

“Wow…” Mighty said in awe, as he walked up to the white muscle car, that was buried up to the rims in mud. “I know right…? It’s just sitting here, abandoned… Who would do this to such a beautiful machine?” Glowstick said, as he gently dragged his finger along the side of the car. “Do you think you even have the ability to restore it…? I mean, it’s not like you have ever worked on a car in your life” Mighty said, as he pressed his hands against the driver side window of the car. “Dude, I’ve been reading books on cars since I was lie, 5… I think I can hand it” Glowstick said, as he crossed his arms. “So, since yesterday…?” Mighty said, turning around to expose a large grin. “You going to help me or what…?” Glowstick said, as he dug his shovel into the ground next to the car’s wheel. “Yeah, Yeah” Mighty said reluctantly, as he grabbed a shovel off the ground, and started digging.

Orca opened the large front door to his house, and stepped in, closing the door behind him. “Hello sweetie, how was your day?” Medusa asked, giving him a warm hug. Orca tried to pull away, blushing slightly, however Medusa had a tight hold on him, and was letting go until she wanted too. She finally let go, and Orca immediately jerked away. Which caused Medusa to give a sad frown, “When will you accept me…?” She asked, before turning around, and going back to reading her magazine. ‘You’re not my mom…’ Orca said under his breath, as he walked towards his room.

“You’re parents are going to kill you” Mighty said, as he helped push the Classic Muscle car into his friends garage. “Probably” Glowstick said, let out a short chuckle, as he brushed the dirt off of his hands. “I’m going to go take a shower, try not to kill yourself” Mighty said, as he began walking away from his friend’s house. “Hey Mighty!” Glowstick yelled, causing his friend to turn in his tracks. “…Thanks for helping me” He finished, waving his hand. “What else are friends good for?” Mighty asked, smiling as he turned around. Glowstick grinned ear to ear, as he looked at the car, “I’ll bring you back, I promise…” Glowstick said to the White Car, before grabbing a wrench off of the wall, and sliding underneath the car.

“What happened to you…?” Matilda asked Mighty, as she took a bite out of the apple she was holding. “Do you just sit by the door, and wait for me to return home, just so you can ask stupid questions…?” Mighty asked, as he slipped out of his shoes. “Maybe, does it annoy you…?” She asked, shrugging her shoulders. Mighty sighed heavily and brushed past her, which caused her to spit out the usual ‘Whatever’. Mighty opened his door, and swiped some clean clothes out of his closet before returning back to the hallway, and walking into the bathroom.

Monday rolled around faster than a bat out of hell to Mighty, and before he knew it, that same old annoying chirp of his alarm clock was causing him to wake from a beautiful dream. “I hate you” Mighty said, as he glared at the alarm that sat on his nightstand. He could have sworn he heard ‘I’m glad’ coming from the inanimate object, which made his eye twitch, he really wanted to throw it out of the window, unfortunately, his common sense woke up before he could. “Someday, Someday…” Mighty said to himself, as he quickly slipped his legs through the legs of his pants.

“Bye Mom!” Mighty shouted, as he swung the front door open, and slung his backpack over his shoulder. “Be safe Honey-Bun” His mom shouted back, causing Mighty to sigh to himself, and close the door. “Hiya buddy!!!” Slippy yelled as he jumped in front of Mighty, which caused Mighty to release a short shrill, and wave his arms in front of him. Which he immediately regretted, seeing 2 Cute Girls walk by giggling at him. Mighty tried to regain his cool, and slicked back his hair. “What. Are. You. Doing. AT MY HOUSE?!?!” Mighty yelled, trying to yank his hair out. “Well, Orca told me not to get within 5 feet of him, or he was going to get a restraining order, and Snow said that I made her uncomfortable when I’m around, So… I googled your name and found you’re address so now I can walk to school with you!” Slippy yelled, throwing his arms in the air with excitement. “Why me…” Mighty said, under his breath as he wiped his hand down his face. “So, let’s get a move on Walkin’ Buddy! Don’t wanna keep those girls’a Waitin’!” Slippy said, as he began to skip down the side walk. Mighty hid his head under the hood of his jacket, trying hard not to be seen with this strange Student.

“Aww, What a cute couple!” Glowstick said mockingly, as Mighty and Slippy walked up to the steps of the school. “You really think so!?” Slippy asked, smiling. “You ruin everything…” Glowstick said, sighing in disappointment. Slippy made a loud scream of happiness, as he ran into the school, arms waving in the air as if they were paper blowing in the wind. “Should he really be going to an Elite School…?” Glowstick asked, as he raised one eyebrow. “Should you?” Mighty asked, as he walked by his friend. “Hmm, Good point” Glowstick said, as he rubbed his chin, “Hey wait up!” Glowstick yelled at Mighty, as he ran after him trying to catch up to his friend. “You love leaving me behind, don’t you?” Glowstick asked, as he crossed his arms and leaned against his locker. “You know it” Mighty said with a smile, as he placed his books into the large locker. “I feel so… What’s the word…? Un-Appreciated” Glowstick said, as he slipped out the Earbuds he had in his ears. “If you say so…” Mighty said, as he slammed his locker closed. “My poor little heart can’t take much more of this abuse!” Glowstick said, sarcastically. “Well it has my best regards” Mighty said, as he turned around and started heading towards his class. “Don’t worry, he didn’t mean it” Glowstick said, as he softly patted his chest.

“Happy Monday everyone, now… I don’t know about all of you, but Monday is my favorite day!” The balding man said, as Mighty sat down at his desk. “Now, to add to this excitement I have prepared a surprise test for all of you to compete in, let the games begin!” Lenny said, as he scribbled a bunch of questions on the blackboard behind him. This resulted in loud groans from all the Students in the classroom, including Mighty. “What’s wrong…?” Snow asked Mighty, as she ran her fingers through her bangs. “I totally forgot to study…” Mighty said, as he placed his head in both of his hands. “Yikes, can’t help you much on that…” Snow said, as she picked up her pencil and began writing on the piece of paper that Lenny had just placed on her desk. “And for youuuuu” Lenny said, as he smacked a stack of paper’s on Mighty’s desk, which only caused him to groan louder. He looked down at the questions, and bit his bottom lip, ‘Guessing time’ He thought to himself, as he slowly picked up his pencil.

“See you tomorrow!” Mighty heard the Teacher yell, as he placed his papers on his desk and made a run for it. “Please be higher than a D” He said to himself, as he walked down the hallways. He couldn’t take anymore yelling from his parents, they were always on his back about his grades, and quite frankly it was starting to drive him crazy. “Hey Mighty!” Mighty’s ears immediately perked up, at the unfamiliar Feminine, English accent. “K-Krystal!” Mighty stuttered, as he turned around to see the blue Fox come into his view. She was wearing a Short Purple shirt, and black Spandex pants, which showed her curves to Mighty nicely. “Hey, I’ve finally found you! I have been trying to catch you, but you always seem to disappear” She said, as she held a stack of books up to her chest. “Oh, Really? If you know anything about me, I am out of school in a hurry…” Mighty said, adding a little bit of nervous laughter, praying to himself that he wasn’t blushing. “Well, the reason I have been trying to find you is to ask if you wanted to join the book club, that me and a few others are in, you seemed like you were interested in books” Krystal said, giving a warm smile. “I would love too!” Mighty responded, as soon as she finished, not even stopping to think about what she had said. “Really…? Awesome! Our next meeting is tomorrow after school, don’t be late” Krystal said, adding a wink at the end. Mighty felt his heart race as the Vixen walked away from him, he wiped the sweat off of his brow. ‘Looks like a look books now’ He thought to himself, as he began to walk to his next class.

“Krystal invited me to her club…” Mighty said, to Glowstick, as was texting on his phone. “Really? That’s a step in the right direction” Glowstick said, as he slid his phone in his back pocket. “Yeah, our first meeting is tomorrow after school” Mighty said, as he took a step forward in the line to the cafeteria. “What kind of club…?” Glowstick asked, as he scratched the back of his neck. “Book club” Mighty said, with all seriousness. Glowstick waited a second, waiting for his friend to say ‘Just kidding’ But, he didn’t. “Bwahaha” Glowstick busted out laughing as he slapped his knee, and pointed at Mighty. “Aww, my wittle bookworm got in a wittle cwub…” Glowstick mocked, as he pinched Mighty’s cheek. “Oh shut up, you’re just jealous” Mighty said, as he slapped away his friends hand. “Oh really? Coming from the guy in high school who has never kissed a girl” Glowstick said, as he wiped away a tear of laughter. “Atleast I won’t be paying child support when I’m 18” Mighty said, as he crossed his arms. “I’ll have you know, I always have safety on me” Glowstick said, as he winked at his friend. “I don’t even want to know what that means…” Mighty said, which caused a smirk to spread across Glowstick’s face.

“Chili” Glowstick said, as the lady behind the counter placed a large spoonful of Chili into a small Styrofoam bowl. “Listen, I’m just saying, if you want to impress her, then you need to bring a huge classic novel” Glowstick said, as he handed money over the counter. “Yeah, but then I would be stuck having to READ that big novel, and we both know, I am a slow reader…” Mighty said, as he followed his friend, and paid for his tray as well. “Hmm, good point…” Glowstick said, as he rubbed his chin. Glowstick opened his mouth to say something to Mighty, when he felt a tap on his shoulder, which caused him to turn around to see where it had come from. “Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to come and sit with us, you know, if you want too…” Said the red haired girl, which Glowstick had previously met at the party. Glowstick turned around, and gave Mighty huge puppy-dog eyes, as if begging ‘Please let me’. “Go on” Mighty said, with a sigh. “I would love to” Glowstick said, with a large smile, as he followed the girl.

“We lost one” Orca said, as he watched Glowstick walk over to the table which seated a few popular Students. “Not surprising” Snow said, as she examined her nails. “The butter baby!” Slippy said, in agreement, which caused Orca and Snow to look at him. “What’s new guys?” Mighty asked, as he placed his tray down at the table. “You’re lack of a friend” Slippy said, as he flicked a kernel of Corn at Orca, Who wiped it off of him, and gave Slippy a death stare. “Oh, Glowstick? Nah, he’s just mesmerized by a female” Mighty said, with a chuckle. “I give it two weeks” Snow said, taking a bite of a piece of green lettuce. “Really? I was thinking more around 4 days…” Mighty said, as he turned around to see his friend sitting at the same table as Kate, Panther, Fox, Lucy And of course. Krystal. Mighty’s jaw dropped in jealousy of his friend, as he could clearly see him telling jokes to them, which caused them all to laugh, including Krystal, who seemed to enjoying him, a little TOO much, in Mighty’s eyes “Slippy, throw one more piece of your food at me, and I’ll twist your neck off!” Orca Barked, as he wiped off a crumble of Taco Meat. Slippy sunk back into his chair, and was quiet for the rest of the lunch hour.

Just as Mighty finally took his Jealousy driven focus off of his friend and was about the take a bite out of the Hot Dog in his hand a loud, familiar voice came out of the large speakers located at the ceiling of the room. “Good afternoon students, all students please meet at the Gymnasium after lunch for our monthly school announcements. Thank you for your co-operation.” The voice, which Mighty identified as Vice-Principle Wolf, said. “Listen, I’m just saying, these kids take way too long to eat their lunch, I think we need to cut those little, food, eating hogs lunch time down…” The voice continued, unaware that his Microphone was still on. “Wolf, you’re microphone is still on” Another voice said, and a loud click of the Microphone turning off could be heard. Mighty saw Kate hide her face, in embarrassment of her Father’s mistake. This of course, didn’t work and almost all of the Students in the cafeteria started directing loud laughter towards her, which caused her to move her hand off of her face and shoot angered glances all around the room. “Sucks to be her” Snow said, as she brushed her bangs out of both of her Bright Magenta eyes, with a smile. “I swear, nobody that works at this school at this school is capable of anything…” Orca said, as he looked down at the pile of food on his tray, not wanting to even look at it. “I’m just curious as to what the announcements are, maybe it will be something cool…” Mighty said, hope glimmering in his eyes. Snow and Orca Exchanged glances hearing this, before looking back at their food.

“Man, sitting at that table is like sitting at the God, Zeus’s table… So much juicy secrets about everyone, one of them even said they had nudes of your mom” Glowstick said, excitedly to Mighty, who was walking next to him. “What?! You look at it, and I will kill you!” Mighty said, shooting an angered glance at Glowstick. “Hey bro, chill. Who says the even have one? Could just be lying for all I know… but I am curious…” Glowstick said, with a shrug. “Buuuut~ I have some news you may like, other than nudes of your mom” Glowstick said, as he snapped his fingers to a beat. “Oh boy, I can barely contain myself, what is it, a nude of my dad?” Mighty said sarcastically, with a blank expression on his face. “Nope, but that would be cool too” Glowstick said with a smirk. “Just tell me, weirdo” Mighty said, with a sigh. “Well, Krystal may or may not have given me a number, to give to you” Glowstick said, as he pulled a slip out of his pocket. “What! Really? Let me see, Let me see!” Mighty said, having a sudden change of mood. “I don’t know… You were awful mean to me, plus… She can rock spandex pretty hard… Might just keep this for myself” Glowstick mocked, with a wide smile, as he held the slip of paper above Mighty’s reach, who was frantically trying to swipe it out of his hand. “Give it to me, you jerk!” Mighty yelled, as he jumped trying to grab the piece of paper. “What’s the magic word…?” Glowstick mocked, as he waved it above Mighty’s head. Mighty stopped jumping, and looked his friend in the eyes, and crossed his arms. “Please” Mighty forced out, with a frown. “Now was that so hard…?” Glowstick said, as he lowered the slip of paper, which was snatched quickly by Mighty. “Now, were even for my car…” Glowstick said, giving Mighty a two finger salute. “How did Fox not kill you…?” Mighty said, as he excitedly read the number, and a personally wrote message that read: ‘You seem like a nice guy, would love to hang out sometime’. “Pfft, him? He was off bullying some brunette nerd, that was smoking something” Glowstick said, as he pushed open the large, wooden, double doors that led to the gymnasium. “Thanks dude” Mighty said, safely tucking the piece of paper in his backpack. “No problem, what are friends for?” Glowstick said, with a sincere smile.

Glowstick and Mighty watched, as the Vice Principle Wolf, and the Snow White haired Principle, San, stepped onto a stand, that had a table and microphone in the middle of the basketball court, in the middle of both large bleachers. “Is this on…?” San asked, as she tapped on the microphone, to confirm that it was working, which it was. “Ahem, alright… Thank you students, for gathering here for us, we have some very important news…” She stopped talking, and Mighty could clearly see anger fuming from her, he sunk into his seat knowing what was coming. “HEY YOU, BASTARDS ON THEIR PHONES! GET OFF AND LISTEN, OR YOU WILL ALL RECEIVE DETENTION!” She yelled into the microphone, causing any student, who was using a phone to quickly rip their face out of their screen, and fumble trying to slide it back into their pockets. “Better…” She said, as she readjusted the tie around her neck.
Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 3
Ongoing large crossover fan fiction, featuring Characters from Starfox, Wakfu, Sonic The Hedgehog, I Don't Want This Kind Of Hero, Nano List, and more! currently at 25K Words, finished story will be around 100k! Will be updated regularly.
After about 10 Minutes of Break-Neck driving, the car pulled into the parking lot that belonged to the Sublimotion, Mighty’s jaw dropped as he looked at the building, it was colored brightly on the outside, and had a hallucinogenic design. He wished Glowstick could have been here to see it, ‘He would have loved this…’ He thought to himself, as the seat in front of him was pulled forward. He stepped out of the car, Orca, following right after him stepped out next to mighty. This was the first time Mighty got a good look at the man, He wore all white, had white hair, and Bright golden eyes. Mighty could have sworn they sparkled. The man clicked a button on his car keys and the doors to the Ferrari locked. “Let’s get going now, we don’t want to be late for our appointment!” The man said, as he smiled and placed his arm’s around Medusa’s shoulders, who smiled back and laid her head in his shoulder. Mighty looked over at his friend, who had a look of disgust at the sight of this, Mighty was kind of curious at this, and it was something that was going to stick with him the entire night.

As the four of them stepped through the two large, automatic sliding doors, the most unique smell came across them. It was hard to explain, you really had to be there… Mighty’s mouth started drooling, as he smelled food. He was starving, and whatever was cooking surely smelled better than anything he had ever smelled! A tall lion, dressed in a black tuxedo approached them, “Right this way, Morae” He said, as he began to walk away, The four of them followed him, and he led them down a long corridor, which at the end was a large Green door. He opened it for them, and motioned for them to enter, with his left hand. They opeyed, and entered the room, which inside was a large table, which consisted of 8 chairs. Mighty looked around the room in amazement, the walls had built in LED’s and would change colors in a rainbow fashion, it was simply beautiful! “Morae!” I tall, red Fox, wearing dark sunglasses jumped out of his seat, and walked over to Morae, and held his hand out. Morae shook his hand, “Hello James! How have you been?” Morae asked, as he let go of the fox’s hand. “Absolutely great, sir!” James said, with a large smile on his face. “Honey, Son, come meet Mr. Morae!” James called, at the two Foxes that sat at the table. They stood up, and approached the group. Mighty felt a tingle in his spine, of fear. As he saw the figure that approached. “This is my Wife, Vixy, and my son, Fox!” James, said, as the other Two Foxes took turns shaking Morae’s hand. Vixy, was wearing a beautiful white dress, with many ribbons on it. Mighty was shocked, that two Foxes, so professional could create such a monster. Fox was wearing a Gray tuxedo, which under was a bright turquoise dress shirt, Mighty rubbed his eyes, making sure he wasn’t seeing things, and which of course. He wasn’t. “So, I heard the stock’s have risen, is that true?” James asked, as the group made there ways towards the table, mighty stuck close to Orca, as he was a bit shy in front of so many new faces.

They all took a seat, the four adults all sat across from each other, and the three ‘Children’ Sat at the end table, with mighty seated by Orca, and Fox across from them. Fox looked over at the four adults, who were very deep in Business talk, before looking back at the two sitting across from him. A slow grin spread on his face, “If you tell anyone, ill ring both of you out, Got it dirtbags?” Fox said, as he picked up the Menu. Orca cracked his knuckles, before he turned to the menu of his own. Mighty picked his up as well, and looked over the items on the menu. A sudden look of confusion swept over his face. Not one single word on the menu made a lick of sense to him, he sat there, trying to decipher the strange names to the meals, and even stranger. He finally settled on just going by guess, The ‘Aquest fong sap a caca’ is what he finally went with. He had no idea what it was, as the menu gave zero description on the food you were ordering. He just prayed he could recognize it, he set the menu down, only to notice the waitress was entering the room.

She slowly made her way around the table, taking everyone’s order. She finally reached Mighty, “And for you…?” She asked. Mighty looked up, at the White Cocker Spaniel that looked down at him, with a bright smile. She wore a large red ribbon in her hair, and had a short pink skirt, and a pink dress shirt on. “Uhm… I’ll have the Aquest fong sap a caca” He said, as he read the menu over to make sure he said it right, she giggled a little, and corrected his pronunciation, and then took his menu. Mighty as always, was highly embarrassed to be corrected by such a cute girl. Mighty shook it off, and looked over at fox who was stirring his drink with the tiny straw, they supplied with them, he has his head placed in his hand, breaking every proper manner that there was. Mighty could easily tell that he wished he was anywhere else. ‘This is so awkward’ Mighty thought to himself, as he looked down at his own drink.

After about an hour of waiting, the White Spaniel from before, emerged from the large green door, carrying two large trays of food, which to mighty, was like seeing God… He was starving! She placed everyone’s dishes in front of them, still carrying the warm smile from earlier, she finally made her way to Mighty, and placed a small wooden plate in front of him, which had a Bright Red mushroom with large White Polka dots on it, and it was covered in some kind of sweet sauce from the smell. He wasn’t really sure as to what to think of the weird food item that laid in front of him, he sure as heck didn’t want to be rude. He looked around, and it seemed everyone else got just as weird of food, he, against his better judgement took a piece off of the mushroom and put it into his mouth, only for all his senses to tingle, it was absolutely delicious! He continued eating it, until he had finished it. And wished there was more. He would never look at any other food the same way again!

After around an hour or two of the Grownups chatting business, they finally shook hands, and departed their own ways in the parking lot. Fox walked up to Mighty and grabbed his shirt collar. “Remember what I said, Dirtb-” Fox was cut short as he felt a fast jab in his side, he immediately grabbed his side, and looked to see where the swing had come from. Only to see Orca standing there, holding both his hands flat in front of him. “Back off, before I do something serious” Orca said, not letting his guard down. Fox clenched his fists. “Fox, say goodbye to your friends, we have to get back home!” Vixy shouted, from their car, obviously not seeing anything that happened. Fox looked at Orca, “This isn’t over, you little freak” Fox said, before taking off to his car. Mighty and Orca walked to the Ferrari as well, and stepped into the back seat.

The only light inside the car was the digital dash lights, and the occasional street lights as they drove down the road. “Thanks’ for saving me dude, I owe you” Mighty said, looking over at the Student that sat next to him. Orca didn’t respond, and simply looked down at his lap. Mighty smiled, he had a feeling he would get to know him very well… Mighty looked over to see his house coming into view, as its front porch was laminated by a nearby street light, Morae pulled over, in front of the house. Medusa stepped out of the car and pulled the seat forward and let Mighty out, She grabbed his arms and leaned in towards his ear. “Thanks for coming, He doesn’t have that many friends” She let go of his arm and leaned back, and smiled at him. Mighty waved at them and then turned around and started making his way towards his front door, he heard the car speed away from behind him, which brought a smile to his face.

He stepped up his concrete steps and opened his door, he stepped inside the house and took his shoes off at the mat. He looked up at the clock, which read 9:30 PM. ‘Dang… It’s late’ Mighty thought to himself, as he made his way up to his room, thankfully for him. His parents hadn’t come home yet. He slipped in their room, and took of the clothes that he was wearing, and made sure to hang it all up exactly as it was. After he got done hanging up the tuxedo, he slipped out of the room, and entered his own room, he threw off the rest of his clothes on his floor, and collapsed on his bed, dreading the school day that was tomorrow. Right as he was about to doze off, he heard a vibration from his night stand. His eyes slowly opened, and he started fumbling around trying to grab the object. He finally grabbed his phone, and pulled it close to his face, squinting to read what it said. It was from Glowstick, it read ‘You still alive?” Mighty groaned at his friend waking him up with stupidity, mighty started tapping on the keyboard. ‘Yes, screw you’ is what he typed, and before he threw his phone down and went to sleep.

“Beep, Beep, Beep” The silver alarm clock on his night stand went off, causing mighty to roll out of his bed, and fell on the floor, and let out a groan. “The weekend went by way to fast….” Mighty said to himself, as he laid on his back on the floor and stared up at the ceiling. He finally mustered up the energy to stand up, he wobbled around a little bit, and finally gained his balance. He walked into his bathroom to get ready. He walked out of the bathroom after a few minutes, and threw on some clothes from his closet, he opened his door and stepped out into the hallway, he took a deep breath “Bacon” He said to himself, a smile spreading across his face. He hurried down the stairs, and hurried into the kitchen to see his mother making breakfast, “Mornin’ Mom” Mighty said, as he walked up to the large tray, and stole a few pieces a food off of it. “Morning sweetie” She said, smiling at her son. Mighty grabbed the milk out of the fridge, and poured a glass for himself, he took a drink of it, and ate some of his food, as he leaned against the counter. “You uncultured swine” Matilda said, as she walked into the room. Mighty shrugged, and stepped out of the kitchen, “See you later” Mighty said, as he grabbed his backpack of the coat rack next to his door. “Be careful” His dad said, as he sat at the table reading a newspaper.

Mighty opened the door and stepped out, he took a deep breath of fresh air and a smile slowly creeped on his face, it was a beautiful morning, he looked up at the large sky, and took notice of the pink and red colored cloud, and the many different clouds, it was simply breathtaking. He looking back down, and started walking down the long sidewalk that led him to his school, it was a very peaceful walk, not many people lived there, so it was typically peaceful walk, although every now and then you would see a car speed by, in a hurry to get to work.

The school came into view, as mighty approached walked down the sidewalk, he could already see the frantic students entering the large building, and there were at least a thousand of them trying to enter all at once. Seeing this, his once was smile disappeared, and turned into a frown. “School sucks” He said to himself, as he walked up the building, getting lost in the large crowd. He finally was able to push through the other students, and entered the building, which was just as hectic inside as it was on the outside. He saw Glowstick come into view, as he walked up to their lockers, which were located right next to each other. “Hey” Mighty said to Glowstick, as he started fiddling with the lock on his locker. Glowstick placed his Bose into the locker, and looked over at his friend. “So…?” Glowstick said, as he closed his locker, with a smile. Mighty looked over at him, “So what…?” Mighty said, returning back to placing his stuff in his locker. “So, what was it like…?” Glowstick asked, excitedly. “Dude, it was Freaking awesome” Mighty said, smiling excitedly , “You’ll never believe who was there…” Mighty finished, as he closed his locker. “Who WAS there?” Fox leaned into the locker next to Mighty. Causing mighty to jump in the air, and turn around. Fox reached out and grabbed his collar, “Remember what I said” Fox said, smiling, he let go of Mighty’s collar, and walked away. “I hate that guy” Glowstick said, watching him walk away, he turned back to Mighty. “You alright?” Glowstick said, seeing the rage in his friend. “I am going to make that guy regret his life decisions… If it’s the last thing I do” Mighty said, as he gabbed some books and walked away. Glowstick stood there, and watched his friend walk into a classroom, “Good luck with that” Glowstick said to himself, laughing.

Mighty entered the classroom, and saw Lenny Arranging things on his desk. “First time you’re early, Mighty… Congratulations” Lenny said, smiling. The students laughed at this.  Mighty felt the embarrassment rush to his head, as he walked to the back of the room, he placed his books down, and took a seat. He looked over at snow, whose bangs were covering both of her eyes, he felt like asking her why she couldn’t come last night, but he realized that it really wasn’t any of his business. She seemed surprisingly down, and was leaning her head against one of her hands. ‘How can she even see’ He thought to himself, as he returned his focus to the teacher. “Blah Blah Blah” Is all mighty heard, as he watching the teacher swing around his arms like a maniac in front of the large chalkboard. Mighty amused himself, as he imagined the man dancing to a techno song, which in his mind, Matched pretty good.

After an hour of trying to stay focused, mighty heard the bell ring and immediately jumped from his seat, and started gathering his things. He didn’t want to spend an extra second that he didn’t have to in this classroom, this teacher was driving him nuts! He grabbed his last book and made his way the door, unfortunately, Lennie stepped in front of the door, stopping all students who tried to leave. “we wouldn’t want you to leave uneducated now would we” Lennie said, as a smile spread across his face. He pulled out a large stack of paper and started handing out a small stack to each student that walked out, “I expect this back here, no later than Wednesday!” he said. Which resulted in groans from all the students in the room, Mighty finally made it up to the door and grabbed the papers from Lennie’s hand. He stepped out of the room, and placed the papers inside the binder that he was carrying. He wished he could have put them into the trash can he was standing next to instead.

He started making his way to the next classroom, ‘Only 5 more hours Mighty’ He thought to himself, as he looked at the small clock that was hung on the wall. He entered the classroom and began to walk to his seat, which he had picked out last week, in the back. He had learned that the further away from the teacher you were, the less likely you would get called out. Unfortunately for him though, he had to be seated next to two lovebird, which was the most awkward thing, and in this case, it was two of the schools most open couples… “I love you babe…” The Red head said, as he leaned over Mighty’s desk, looking at the blonde that sat at the other side of mighty. She leaned over his desk as well, and got within inches of the other students face. “Not as much as I love you…” She said, and the pressed her lips against his. Mighty, leaned as far back into his chair as he could, and really regretted this seating position. This scene went on for the few minutes, and mighty was sweating bullets, and couldn’t have been more thankful to see the teacher enter the room, The two seeing this, returned to their seats, their gaze, and stupid smiles not changing. Mighty leaned back forward and lout out a sigh of relief, he couldn’t stand that much longer… “Now students, I do have a very special surprise for you!” A large Pink alicorn entered the room, with a large smile on her face. She had Purple, White, and pink highlights in her mane and tail, which were both bundled up with a purple hairband. Mighty gagged, this was ‘Cadence’ She was one of those, ‘Learning is fun’ Type teachers, which to be honest. Was the most utter Bullcrap thing he had ever heard of…

After a couple of hours of cringe worthy ‘Happy Go Lucky’ Teaching, mighty was more excited to get out of this one than his last class… But as luck would have it, the couple jumped up in front of him, and started making out, completely blocking off his path to the exit. He felt his eye twitch with rage, and felt like killing something. After around 10 minutes they finally started walking out of the door with their lips still glued to each other. Mighty was cracked his knuckles and let out a loud sigh as he exited the classroom. “Hey man, what kept yah?” Glowstick asked, as he walked over to his friend, who had just walked out of the classroom. “Romeo and Juliet over there” Mighty said, still gritting his teeth as he pointed to the couple, who were backed up to a locker, still making out. Glowstick looked them up and down, and then pulled out his phone and took a photo, which made a bright flash. This caused the Red head to wake up from his day dream state, and turn around to look at Glowstick, who still held his phone. “What’s your problem?” He asked, as he placed his arms around the blonde. “It will last longer” Glowstick said, as he lifted his phone in the air. The red Head looked confused, and didn’t really know what to respond, as he watched Glowstick and Mighty walk off.

Mighty and Glowstick burst out laughing, as they made their way to the cafeteria. “Dude, you’d risk getting your butt kicked for some stupid joke…?” Mighty said, wiping a tear from his eye. “Humor beats violence every time” Glowstick said, still smiling. They both approached the long line, and were disappointed to find that they were relatively late. And the line was already 100 kids long, “Shoot we’re late…” Glowstick said, sticking his hands in his jeans pockets. “Jeez Sherlock, did you need Watson for that one…?” Mighty Glowstick turned around, to see Snow, Orca, and Slippy approaching them. “Oh shut up” Glowstick said, turning back around. Snow smiled, seeing Glowstick annoyed was such a beautiful thing… “Last night… HAHA” Slippy said, as he walked up to Mighty. “I… HAHA, You know… HAHA… Teehee” Slippy tried to speak, but ended up laughing on the floor. Mighty looked at him and raised one eyebrow. He looked up at snow, who shrugged her shoulders. Suddenly Slippy stood up off the ground, and started looking at them, “What… what’s everyone looking at…?” Slippy said, brushing off some dust. Orca placed his face in his palm and began shaking his head back and forth.

Mighty was finally almost at the food counter, there was only one person in front of him, a short Black Chihuahua. “Welcome to mariachi Monday… What would you like…” The cafeteria lady said, in a very unenthused tone. As she pointed to the Mexican food behind glass. The Chihuahua twitched his eyes, and Mighty could see the building rage. “That’s very racist, esse… I ought to complain!” The Chihuahua said, still fuming with anger. It took everything mighty had to not laugh. The lady sighed, and looked down at the Chihuahua, “I don’t make up the name kid… Now do you want something or not…?” She said, leaning her head into one hand. “Fine… I want a taco esse” He said, crossing his arms. She slapped the taco on his tray, and was glad to see him walk away. She looked down at Mighty, “I don’t know how much longer I can take this… What do you want?” She said, rubbing her temples with her fingers. “I’ll take a burrito…” He said, still chuckling to himself a little.

Mighty sat down at his usual table in the cafeteria, and awaited for the rest of his friends to join, which after a couple of minutes they did. Mighty took a few second to observe what everyone had ordered, which was a bad habit of his. Snow and Orca had gotten a salad, as usual. And Slippy and Glowstick got Tacos. “I didn’t know Mexicans could get so offended… Little man complex I guess…” Glowstick said, as he observed the taco in his hand, he really despised Mexican food, but he was starving. “Well, it is kind of racist…” orca said, taking a small bite of lettuce. “In what world…?” Glowstick said, as he raised an eyebrow. “The one you’re obviously oblivious to…” Orca responded, as he pushed off the tomatoes off of his salad. This argument went on for a few minutes, but Mighty wasn’t really paying attention, as his focus was more directed toward the Blue Vixen that sat across of the large cafeteria, She was smiling at Fox, who Mighty assumed was telling some kind of joke. Mighty couldn’t help but stare, ‘She’s beautiful when she smiles…’ He thought to himself, as he placed his head in both of his hands and sighed. He turned back around, and looked down at the Greasy Burrito that laid on his plate, it was hard to even consider eating it… After being spoiled at the Sublimotion, But he realized that it was either, get over it, or die of starvation. And to him, option 2 sounded better. “Hard isn’t it…?” Mighty looked up, to see snow brushing away her bangs, to expose one of her, Bright Magenta eyes. “What’s hard…?” Mighty responded, with confusion. She giggled briefly, “To touch this garbage after eating at the Sublimotion” Snow said, smiling. Mighty laughed, and nodded his head in agreement. ‘How does she know about that…?’ He thought to himself, before deciding to take a bite of his food.

The last two hours flew by to Mighty, like they always do. As he loved History and English, and time flies by when you’re not bored to death! He quickly made his way out of the school, and immediately started looking for Orca, as he had completely forgotten to thank him for inviting him last night. After wading through the crowd, he was able to spot him in the parking lot, he quickly ran after him. As he didn’t know what he drove, and didn’t want to lose him in the maze-like parking lot full of cars. “Hey Orca, wait up!” Mighty yelled, as he finally caught up to Orca, who had just Swung his leg over a White and black Lotus C-01. He turned his head around, to see where the voice had come from. Mighty ran up to him, and leaned over, trying to catch his breath. Orca sat up in the seat, and awaited for mighty to say something. “I just wanted to say thanks for inviting me last night… I completely forgot to thank you…” Mighty said, finally able to catch his breath. Orca popped up the Kick-Stand with his heel. “It’s nothing, glad you enjoyed it” Orca Pressed a button on the handlebars and the large 2 Cylinder engine immediately fired up. Mighty stared at the Super Bike, with stars in his eyes. Orca back it up, and quickly sped out of the parking lot, leaving a trail of rubber on the pavement. “Dang… his family must own the universe or something…” Glowstick said, as he stepped up next to his friend, watching the White bike disappear over the horizon. “Yeah… Or something…” Mighty responded, turning around.

“I’m home” Mighty yelled as he slammed his front door closed, and slipped out of his shoes. “Nobody cares…” Matilda said, as she walked by him. “Matilda, that’s no way to treat your family!” Mighty’s father yelled, from the living room. “Sooorrrrryyyy~” She responded, in a sarcastic tone. His mother sighed and looked at Mighty. “Could you clean up, and help with dinner please…?” His mother asked, obviously overwhelmed with the meal she was trying to prepare. “Sure thing mom, let me just run my stuff up to my room…” Mighty said, as he turned on his heels and stared beating feet towards his room, he quickly threw his backpack on his bad, and made his way back down to the kitchen, and washed his hands. “Thank you honey, I need you to watch the Pasta, and make sure it doesn’t burn…” She said, as she chopped a plate full of vegetables. Mighty walked over to the stove and started stirring the large steel pot.

Mighty had just finished setting the table when the loud timer went off, he quickly ran over and turned off the stove. He strained the pasta into a large bowl he had found in the cabinets. “Dinners ready!” He yelled, as he put the bowl on the table. Suddenly his entire family emerged from all the cracks in the house and quickly sat down and started eating. ‘You’re welcome…’ Mighty thought to himself, before sitting down and eating himself.

After doing the dishes, he headed up to his room, and snagged his Speaker off of a shelf, he placed it on his bed, and turned on EDM, which he listened to as he laid down, he put his arms behind his head and stared at his ceiling, counting all the imperfections. He picked up his phone and pulled up the text app, and clicked into a picture of Glowstick. He started tapping on the keyboard ‘Do you think I have a chance with Krystal…?’ Is what he typed, he quickly tapped the send button. He waited a few minutes, until a loud “Ding” Sound sounded from his phones speakers, he clicked into the notification and brought the screen up to his face, ‘I dunno, do you have a six pack? Girls dig pecks’ Is what he read, he frowned at the stupid response. ‘Maybe Glowstick was the wrong person to ask for dating advice…’ He thought to himself as he threw his phone on his nightstand and closed his eyes.

Friday rolled around fairly fast, and before mighty knew it, he heard the school bell go off, and a bunch of the students started chanting ‘Friday’ Repeatedly. Mighty walked over to his locker, and inserted the key into the lock. He twisted it, and opened the door to his locker, he began taking things out and placing them into his backpack. “Hey man” Glowstick said, as he walked up to his locker with a wide grin on his face. Mighty looks over, and raised an eyebrow at the smile on his friends face. “What am I missing…?” Mighty said, as he closed the locker door. “Weeeeeell, THIS dude, just got a gig at Stacy’s party tonight, her parents are out and basically everyone is going…” Glowstick said, as he observed his fingernails. “Gig...? What are you, the cleanup crew…?” Mighty said, with a chuckle. “Excuse me…? No! She personally sought me out, and asked me to be her DJ” Glowstick said, putting his hand back down. “You mean, you overheard her saying that the last guy couldn’t come, so you said you were available..?” Mighty said, as he started walking to the exit. Glowstick followed him, “Tomatoe, Tomotoe” Glowstick said, putting his heads in his pockets, “So you coming, or not…?” Glowstick asked, as he walked next to his friend. “Yeah, but I have to take my sister… I promised” Mighty said, adding a sigh. Glowstick gave him a questioning look, “Why…?” He said, as he looked over at his friend. “Well, she caught me coming home after curfew, and she threatened to tell my mom and dad, so I had to promise I would take her, and if I don’t she will get me knee deep” Mighty said, shaking his head. Glowstick sighed, “Yeah, ok whatever… Just make sure she stays out of people’s way…” He said, before splitting off from his friend. He looked back “See you there at 7:00PM Sharp” Glowstick said, before turning back around and heading towards his house.

Mighty approached his sisters room, he could hear some stupid Modern Pop Song playing from her speakers, he knocked on it, half hoping she wouldn’t answer. “What…?” Matilda said, as she swung the door open. “You know Stacy Brahmer Right…?” Mighty said, as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, we go to school together… So what?” She said, placing her hands on her hips. “Well, Me and Glowstick are going to her parts, so do you want to come or not?” Mighty said, cutting to the chase. “One second…” She said, slamming the door in Mighty’s face. A Few moments later she emerged, fully dressed up, carrying a pouch of Glow sticks. Mighty eyed her up and down, “Whatever” He said, as he turned and walked to his room, and grabbed a few things which he placed in his backpack. He slung it over his shoulder and walked back out of his room, he walked down the stairs and was walking towards the door when his mother stopped them “Just where do you think you two are going…?” She said, placing her hands on her hips. “Uhm…” Mighty said, trying to think of an excuse. His sister pushed him out of the way and looked up at their mother, “He’s taking me to see a movie!” She said, smiling. Mighty barfed in his mouth a little, just thinking about getting along with his sister was enough to make him sick. “Aww, I’m glad you two are starting to work out your differences! Have fun! And be careful!” She said, as she stepped out of the way, and started back to dusting the furniture. Mighty and Matilda stepped out of the door, and quickly closed it behind them, Matilda looked over at him, with a stupid grin. “You owe me one” She said, as she walked towards the road. “I don’t owe you anything” He said, with a frown on his face.

Mighty could see Stacy’s house come into view, as well as Glowstick standing out front, apparently waiting for him. “Bout’ time…” Glowstick said, tapping the toe of his shoe. Mighty looked at the rather large black briefcase Glowstick was carrying, which had the words ‘Audio Techinia’ Written on it, “Whats that?” Mighty said, pointing to the large briefcase in his friends hand. “Only the latest and greatest tool in audio mixing, prepare to fest you’re eyes upon…” Glowstick said dramatically, as he held up the case, and slowly undid the lock. He opened it up, and held it out for Mighty. “So what, It’s a turntable…?” Mighty said, shrugging his shoulders. Matilda laughed at this, and Glowstick closed the case and frowned, “Hmmph, you wouldn’t know style if it slept with you” Glowstick said, turning his nose in the air, as he picked up the other cases off the ground.  “Oh calm down dude, it was just a joke” Mighty said, as he followed his friend who started walking into the house. “Whatever, just help me put these up, Setup Monkey” Glowstick said, as he tossed a laptop bag at mighty. Mighty caught it midair and placed the strap around his shoulder, He followed Glowstick who approached Stacy, a Black and Gray cat. “Sooo, Where you want us set up…?” Glowstick asked her, as he placed the cases that he was holding onto the ground. She stopped her conversation with the person she was talking to and made a quick heel spin, She looked the 3 of them up and down as she held her hand up to her chin. “I didn’t say you could bring the squirt” she said, pointing to Matilda with a disgusted look on her face. “Excuse me! I’ll hav-“ Mighty quickly placed his mouth over her hand, and nervously laughed. Stacy sighed “Whatever, just make sure she stays out of the way…. You can set up over there next to the fireplace…” She said as she rolled her eyes and walked away. Mighty took his hand off her mouth and she let out a loud gasp, “You better be careful where you put your hand!” Matilda threatened, as she crossed her arms. Glowstick and Mighty ignored her and carried the cases over to the fireplace.

“Man, this place is huge…” Glowstick said as he looked around the large room. “You sure you can handle this dude…? Like, its not too late to leave with your pride intact…” Mighty said, as he unzipped the Laptop case. “You saying I can’t do it?” Glowstick said, as he gently took the two Turntables out of the case, and placed them side by side on their stands. “Well, I mean… You have never actually performed…” Mighty said, as he handed the laptop to Glowstick. “I have practiced for AGES, I was born ready to do this!” Glowstick said, smiling as he placed the laptop in between the two turntables. He pressed a button on the computer and the two turntables suddenly came to life, Lights began to come from the digital screens, and from the Computer. “This is gonna be awesome…” Glowstick said, as he briefly examined the tip to his headphones AUX Cable, he swiftly plugged them into the turntable and placed the headphones over his ears. He began to do a few test mixes to himself, just to be sure everything was perfect. He then took of his headphones, and grabbed both of the large speakers he had brought in, and plugged them into his Computer, he clicked a button on his computer and sound started coming from the speakers, he smiled hearing this, and knew that he was ready. “Well, have fun tonight dude, good luck…” Mighty said, as he walked away from the Turntable, Matilda trailing behind him. “So, what do you do at party’s…?” Matilda asked, catching up to him. “Please tell me you have been to one before…” Mighty asked, as he placed his hand over his face. “Well, not exactly… But I have seen the movies, but typically the Monster kills them all before the actual party starts….” She said, as she rubbed her chin. “What kind of movies are you watching…?” Mighty asked, as he looked over at his sister, Who shrugged in response. “Just… Bet cool, relax… Listen to some tunes, and chill, y’know? And whatever you do… DON’T DRINK THE ALCHOHAL!” Mighty scolded, as he swung his finger at his sister. “Yeah, Yeah, Whatever…” Matilda said, as she walked away from him. Mighty didn’t feel reassured from that answer, but he shrugged it off.

Glowstick stood at the turntables, it had been hours already, and he was fiddling with all the buttons, He was doing Great! And had obviously pleased the Teen crowd that he was performing for. “You’re doing great Glowstick…” He said to himself, as he spun the large Black wheel, which caused the MiDi Track to rewind a short ways. He raised his hand in the air, and began jumping up and down, feeling the music flow through his body as his favorite Remix can on, he had spent over 5 Months making this one, and it was his personal favorite, and always made him super excited when it came on. He let everything he had go, and was changing all the Dials and synthesizers, to make sure the track played perfectly, which it did. And the small crowd even began to chant his name. ‘This is so awesome’ He thought to himself as he spun the black disc in a large circle. The second went for a few minutes, but like all good things, it finally came to an end, which was slightly disappointing to him, but he needed a break anyway, His arm was killing him. He pressed a few buttons on his computers keyboard, which brought up a premade playlist of songs, which would automatically play without him there. He took his headphones off and placed them on of the turntables, “I’ll be back for you” He said to the Headphones, and walked off. He made his way to the long table which had a bright white tablecloth on it, it was lined with neatly arranged snacks and drinks, he grabbed a tiny cracker with some kind of meat on it, and a brightly colored glass bottle which contained some kind of Wine Cooler. He popped the top and began to take a sip when a tall girl walked up beside him and leaned onto the table next to him, she was wearing a white skirt and a yellow shirt, she had bright Reddish pink hair which bangs covered one of her eyes, with what he presumed was 2 horns poking through her hair, Glowstick recognized her as one of Stacy’s friends. “Nice moves, DJ Boy… I really like you’re music…” She said, in a dark monotone voice with a slight smile. Glowstick blushed a little, as he was surprised that a decent looking girl would talk to him. “Oh… Uhm, thanks! I listen to a lot of music, so I know what goes good together…” Glowstick said, as he placed the bottle down. “Really? That’s so cool, I always wanted to, but I could just never get the hang of it…” She said, as she looked down at the ground. “Really? Its pretty easy when you get the hang of it, maybe you should come by my house some day and I can give you some lessons…” Glowstick said. As he took a sip of the drink. “Really? I would love that… Oh, by the way, my name is Lucy” She said, a smile appearing on her face.

Mighty sat at the couch, he had a cup, which was filled with some kind of liquid. He enjoyed just listening to the music, it was his favorite part of parties, and there was just something about listening to great music while relaxing that made him feel out of this world. He took a sip of the drink in his hand, when he looked up and noticed his was being carried around by a bunch of random high schoolers while they were all cheering, she looked over at mighty and gave him two thumbs up. He pinched his nose bridge, ‘This was a bad idea’ He though before he laid his head back onto the sofa and drifted away into an imaginary world.

Mighty opened his eyes for the first time in hours and looked down at his phone. His eyes quickly opened wide, as he looked at the time, “Oh my god… 1:37 AM?!” He said to himself as he jumped up from the sofa the he was sitting. “I gotta find Matilda” He said to himself, as he began searching for his little sister in the large house, luckily for him, he didn’t have to look very hard, as she was at the snack table talking to a bunch of the students from Sauria High. As he walked up to her, the students looked at him, and he could tell that they were trying to hold back laughter. ‘Must be talking about me…’ He thought to himself as he walked up to his sister. “Hey big bro, watcha need?” She asked, as she looked over at him. “We need to go, it almost 2:00AM” Mighty said, tapping his wrist to signify the time. “Aw, shoot. Alrighty…” She said, as she placed the cup she was holding, “Nice meeting you guys” She said, as she waved to the students she had been talking to. “I just got to stop and say goodbye to Glowstick real quick” Mighty said, knowing Glowstick would stay there until the sun came up. He had searched for a few minutes until he found him on one of the seats, making out with a girl with pink hair. Mighty was a little shocked by this, as Glowstick was extremely shy around girls, and had a tendency to avoid them. Mighty walked up behind the sofa and looked down at his friend, who seemed extremely happy. “Me and Matilda are getting out of here dude, See you around” Mighty said, as he waved. Glowstick, not breaking his focus gave his friend a two finger salute. Mighty smiled and turned around, and walked back to his sister who was standing next to the door. “Looks like the loner finally got some love, how cute…” Matilda said, laughing as she followed her brother out of the door.

The walk home was quiet for the two, there was absolutely zero moon, so the only light was the street lights the dimly lit the sidewalk below their feet. “Thanks…” Matilda said, as she stuck her hands in her coats pocket. Mighty raised one eyebrow and looked over at her, “For what?” He asked. “For, you know… Taking me… I never actually thought you would take a ‘Squirt’ like me” She said, laughing a little at the statement. Mighty smiled, “No problem little sis, that’s what brothers are for… I am just glad you made it out sober… That’s more than most of those people in there could say” Mighty said, as he pointed his thumb back towards the direction of the house that they came from. “Yeah, I guess go…” Matilda said, as she yawned. Mighty smiled hearing this, maybe his sister had a soul after all.

Mighty slowly opened the front door to his house, and him and his sister quietly snuck in. Being careful not to make a sound that would wake their parents up. Mighty graceful stepped in with his Sister and closed the door, they tiptoed up the stairs and into their rooms. Mighty took off his backpack and slung it onto the ground, he threw off his clothes and collapsed onto the bed.

The sun arose from behind the mountains in the distance, which caused Orca to wake up, he arose from his bed, and walked over to his large closet of his snow white room, and he opened the door and began to put his clothes on. As he put his arm his arm through his white shirt he heard a knock on the door, he quickly put on a pair of black sweats and opened his bedroom door. Revealing a short green frog name Slippy standing there. “Hiya bud, jeez. Nice place!” Slippy said, looking around Orca’s large room with wide eyes. “How did you get my address?” Orca said, frowning and the annoying green frog. “I have my ways…” Slippy said, with an evil grin as he rubbed his two hands together. Orca frowned at this, and began to button his white shirt “And who let you in?” He said, as he finishes buttoning his shirt. “That white haired guy that smelled like cat urine!” Slippy said, with a wide grin. Orca put his palm over his face and began shaking his head back and forth, “Well you can’t be here, I don’t trust you” Orca said as he began to close his door, But was stopped when Slippy pushed his body through the closing door, before Orca was able to get it shut. “Don’t, ‘Shut’ me out!” Slippy said, as he moved is eyebrows up and down, Orca cringed at the horrible joke and pointed towards the door, “Get out” Orca scolded. Slippy hung his head down and started walking towards the door. “Aww, I was just going to ask if you wanted to go get some breakfast…” Slippy said, as he slowly turned his head around, to reveal his teary puppy-dog eyes to Orca. Orca began to rub the back of his neck as he felt guilty, he pinched his nose bridge, “Fine” He said, which immediately made the Frog perk up. “Really? Yay, thanks buddy!” Slippy said, as he ran up and hugged Orca’s legs. “Whatever” Orca said, as he pushed the short frog off of his legs.

“Who’s a good boy? You are! You are!” Morae said as he scratched the chin of an orange cat that stood on his counter. Medusa was sitting not far away, reading a magazine as she sipped out of the coffee mug that she was holding. “You really shouldn’t Mr. Tinkers on the counter Honey…” She said as she looked over at the man who was still petting the cat. “Hmm” Morae said, as he rubbed his chin while looking at the cat. “Hey dad, Hey…. Medusa, Me and this kid I barely even know are going out” Orca said, as he walked through the spotless kitchen with Slippy. “Alright sweetie, careful!” Medusa said, with a bright smile. “Yeah, what she said” Morae said, as he gave the cat a piece of Caviar. Orca ignored both of them, and made his way to a door at the end of the house, he opened the door which revealed a large 12 car garage, which was filled with Supercars from around the world. “Wooow, that is like so neato!” Slippy said, as he looked around the large garage with wide eyes. Orca made his way to the end of the Garage, Which, standing there was the White Lotus C-01, in immaculate waxed condition. Slippy ran up, and look at his reflection in the bike. “Wow… Is this yours?” Slippy said, as he drug his finger down the side of it. Orca cringed, hearing the filth of the Students finger transferring to the paint of the bike, he grabbed his friends hand and pulled it off the bike. “Yes, keep your hands off” Orca said, as he swung his leg over the seat of the bike. “Get on” Orca said, as he started the loud engine on the bike. “This is so cool” Slippy said, as he jumped up onto the seat behind Orca, he put his arms around Orcas waist and held on tight. ‘How did I get dragged into this…?’ Orca thought to himself as he pushed a button on the handlebar that caused the large garage door to start opening

“Right there!” Slippy yelled into Orca’s ear, as he pointed to a small restaurant named ‘Sticky’s Fun Food’ Orca gagged a little at the name, as he drove into the parking lot. He began searching for a place far out to park his bike, which was easy. As almost nobody parked far away enough to where they had to actually walk a distance. He kicked down the Kickstand and killed the engine. Slippy was the first to jump off the bike, he was followed by Orca, he clicked a button on the keychain which caused the bike to go into ‘Security’ Mode. He didn’t really feel safe leaving his bike in this part of town, but it didn’t really matter as the bike had every safety measure installed unto it by Orca’s command. “C’mon Orca! You’re going to love this place! It is like, soooo yummy!” Slippy said as he licked his lips, Orca hesitantly followed the frog, still not wanting to go into the building. Orca followed Slippy through the large front door and a terrible stench came over him, it almost was enough to make him want to vomit. But unlike Orca, Slippy inhaled and exhaled heavily. “Ohhh man that smells good….” Slippy said as he walked up the counter, “Table for two please” he said, as he held two fingers up. “Ah Slippy! I see you brought a friend today! How wonderful, right this way!” The large brown frog behind the counter said with a large smile. Orca wanted to tell him that they weren’t friends, but he didn’t want to hurt Slippy’s feelings, so he didn’t.

The two of them sat down at the table, as the Frog handed them two menus, “Make sure to try the special!” He said, as he winked and walked away. Orca was finally able to breathe, as he couldn’t smell the stench from earlier anymore. He took several deep breaths. “Hmm, I don’t know what I want! It all looks so good…” Slippy said, as he rubbed his chin. Orca picked up the menu, and began to go through the food. “That settles it! I am getting the Dirtburger!” Slippy said, as he put his menu down. Orca swallowed hard, everything on the menu looked disgusting. “You know what, I am not really that hungry Slippy…” Orca said, as he placed his menu down. “Oh, c’mon! You have to eat SOMETHING…. Try the Grease Salad!” Slippy said, with a smile. Orca gagged, “Alright, fine…” Orca responded.

‘No way in hell I’m eating that’ Orca thought to himself as the brown frog placed down a green salad, that had a solid, cold cube of grease on top of it. “Enjoy!” He said, as he bowed and walked off. Orca couldn’t hold it back anymore, as threw up a little in his mouth. “Wow, this looks so yummy, as usual!” Slippy said, as he took a bite of the Dark Green hamburger, which literally had fly’s buzzing around it. ‘Is this even legal…?’ Orca thought to himself, as he poked the hard block of grease. “I’ll be right back… Gotta go to the little tadpole’s room!” Slippy said, as he jumped up from the seat he was sitting at. Which made Orca breathe a sigh of relief, as he tossed the entire salad out of the window, which unfortunately for the jogger that was running by the restaurant, landed right below his feet. “Woah!” The man yelled, as his foot landed on the hard block of grease, causing his foot to slip out from underneath him. Orca quickly closed the window, and ducked his head, praying the man wouldn’t see him. He heard the man scream a few curse words, and then walk off. “That was close…” Orca thought to himself as he watched Slippy walk out of the bathroom.

Orca had never been so happy to leave a place in his entire life, he took a deep breath of fresh air, something that you couldn’t get in Stickys… “Thanks for going with me Orca… For some reason not many people ever want to go with me…” Slippy said, as he ran around the parking lot. Orca felt pretty bad, his heart was in the right place, he was just a little simple. “Say, you don’t talk a lot do you…? Why is that?” Slippy asked, as he ran I front of Orca and began walking backwards. Mighty stepped up to his bike and swung his leg over. He looked at Slippy who stood in front of the bike awaiting an answer, Orca sighed. “Do you have a reason for being green? Now get on.” Orca said, as he started the engine. “Oki dokie!” Slippy said, as he hopped on the seat, and grabbed Orca’s waist. “So, where do I drop you off…?” Orca asked, as he looked back at Slippy. “I live at Elmore Street, so you can just drop me off there!” Slippy said, Orca recognized the street name, and wouldn’t need a GPS to locate it. He kicked the stand up and threw it in 1st gear, the bike quickly sped out of the parking lot, Orca’s long hair blew in the wind as he drove Slippy home.
Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 2
Ongoing large crossover fan fiction, featuring Characters from Starfox, Wakfu, Sonic The Hedgehog, I Don't Want This Kind Of Hero, Nano List, Elfen Lied, and more! currently at 25K Words, finished story will be around 100k! Will be updated regularly.
A loud bell sounded from outside of the large Red School building, “This blows, summer went by Way too fast” A black fox said to the Red Armadillo next to him, as they entered the school building. “I know right, I just hope Tenth grade will be better this ninth” The armadillo responded.

This was Glowstick and Mighty… Two high school sophomore’s at the Suaria United High School, An elite Academy, which was run by Jocks, And Spoiled brats. With the exception of these two… Who were just lucky enough to be chosen as the winners of last year’s Scholarship Giveaway.

Glowstick placed his green headphones in his locker and slammed the door, “Hey mighty” Mighty took his time neatly placing his books into his locker, before closing the door and facing his friend. “What?” he responded, halfway expecting a stupid ‘Chicken Butt’? “The best thing about high school, is the girls actually have girl parts… I mean, you know….” Mighty Put his head in his hands, “Dude, if you want to hang out with me, then grow up” Mighty said, before turning around and walking towards his classroom. ‘What did I say wrong…?’ Glowstick Thought before running after his friend

Mighty looked down at the slip of paper he was given that morning, Glowstick peeked over his friends shoulder, “Duuuuude! We got different class times! That sucks… Well, I guess I’ll see you at lunch!” HE said before taking off, deep down Mighty felt a bit relieved deep down, Glowstick could be a handful at times. Mighty walked into the classroom, only to find his teacher, and Tall skinny Half-Bald man standing by the door with his hands on his hips, “Young master mighty, you are exactly 1 minute, and 34 seconds late! What do you have to say for yourself?” Mighty immediately felt a spark of both embarrassment and anger. ‘Why don’t you grow some hair baldy’ IS what he wanted to say, but he knew this would only get him in more trouble. “I-it won’t happen again sir….” He responded, “For your sake, I sure hope it doesn’t! Now sit down!” Mighty did as he was told and found a seat towards at the back of the classroom, next to a frog, and a rather enthusiastic looking black and white kangaroo. ‘This is going to be a long year…’ Mighty thought to himself, as he sat down.

Mighty rested his head in his hands as he watched his teacher yell at some kids for smiling, “Don’t worry, Lenny is like that to everyone, after his music career went downhill” Mighty Chuckled and then looked over at the kangaroo, who was smiling at him, mighty smiled back. “I’m Mighty the Armadillo, but my friends just call me mighty...” “Snow… nice to meet you!” She responded, returning her focus to Lennie. Mighty looked over at the frog, who was scribbling away on a notepad. “What are you drawing?” Mighty asked, trying to peek” The frog dropped the pencil, and just stared at the paper, until he slowly looked at mighty. His lips were shaking, “Death….” He then picked up his pencil and started trying to stab himself with it. Mighty scooted a little further away from the frog, “That’s Slippy, he is missing a few bottles of milk on the wall, if you know what I mean… But he would do anything for a friend, you just need to get to know him” Snow said, Mighty forced a fake smile, still a little creeped out.

Kids scrambled for their books as the lunch bell rang, Lennie stopped all kids at the entrance trying to sell his new album ‘Money Mess’ Mighty bought one, just because he felt bad for the poor guy. Mighty met up with Glowstick at the cafeteria, and they both stood in line, waiting for their turn to get food. “There is some serious babe’s here, I’m talking FULL blown women!” Glowstick stated, to his half-listening friend. “Mhm” Mighty responded, while he was playing a game on his phone. Mighty tucked his phone away in his hoodie after a few minutes as the line shortened,” What can I get you” I very unenthused cafeteria lady asked. Mighty looked at the options, a salad, a tuna sandwich, or a Taco. “Uh, I’ll take a Taco” Mighty replied, he grabbed his tray and continued down the food line, until his tray was full. He looked around the cafeteria for an empty seat, after a few minutes of searching with Glowstick, they found the only empty table in the corner of the large room, which was also occupied by Snow, Slippy, and someone he hadn’t met.

He and Glowstick sat down with them. “Welcome to planet chocolate raisins!” Slippy Screamed as they sat down, which made Glowstick jump up in shock. Snow and mighty laughed at him, Glowstick felt the blood rush to his check and sat down crossing his arms. “I can’t help that my reflexes are so good” He mumbled, “This is my best friend, Glowstick, he is kind of a chicken” Mighty stated, still smiling, “Sup” Glowstick said, still embarrassed. “Hiya Glow! I’m snow, this is my friend Slippy, And Orca” Slippy and orca waved. “Nice to meet you” Glowstick said, before biting into is Tuna Sandwich. Mighty gagged. “That sandwich reeks dude!” Mighty Said, pinching his nose. Glowstick rolled his eyes and continued eating. Mighty looked up, about to scold Glowstick again for that putrid sandwich, when he was HER a Blue Fox, Who had several white markings on her body. She was Wearing a Black Jean jacket, and a short black Skirt, She was sitting down at a lunch table with a Female Gray Wolf Across the room. He immediately felt the blush on his Cheeks. Glowstick noticed this and turned to see what he was looking at. “Aww, it was wuv at fiwst sight” Glowstick mocked, laughing at his own joke. Snow, shot Glowstick a Glare. “That’s Krystal and Kate, The two most popular girls in school, their totally spoiled" Orca stated, while he was picking at his food.

"I am going to go talk to her" Mighty said, standing up from his table, as he started to step towards their table, Two large Jocks sat down next to them, giving them a kiss. Mighty felt his heart sink, before returning to his table in the corner. "How did it go, Romeo?" Glowstick asked smiling, knowing the answer. "Oh, shut up" Mighty responded, placing his head in his hand. "Those Meatworms are Fox, and Panther... Suaria's biggest jerks" Snow said, with obvious Distaste. "They pick on the outcast's, like us. And there is nothing we can do about it, School treats them like gods, just because they win at some stupid sport" Orca stated, taking a bite of his salad. “Woah, Woah, Woah… Are you calling US Outcasts? We are NOT outcasts!” Glowstick stated, displeased with this strangers choice of words, Orca shrugged in response. Glowstick opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the large bell sounding.

Several more hours of class had passed until mighty was finally relieved to see the clock hit 3:00PM. He met Glowstick at their lockers. “Yep, same old school” Glowstick said as he pulled his headphones and backpack out. “At least we-“ Mighty was cut off by the sound of chanting. Him and Glowstick looked at each other, before walking towards the noise. “Fight, Fight, fight” Was all Glowstick and mighty could hear the approached a large crowd. The pushed thru it to see what this commotion was all about. “You eyeing my girl, you little freak” Fox said, as he shoved Slippy on the ground. “N-no I didn’t! I swear!” Slippy said trying to back up. Fox picked him up by his shirt collar, and raised his fist. ‘Hey man, come on, he didn’t do anything to you!” Mighty yelled. Glowstick tried to pull him back but mighty shook him off and walked up to Fox. Fox dropped Slippy “You want a beating too, you red punk?” Fox said smiling, as the crowd cheered on. Mighty gulped, realizing he might have made a mistake. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” A large silver wolf pushed pass the students who surrounded Mighty and Fox. “I was just trying to into my locker when he came up and hit me!” Fox said, pulling the victim card. The wolf looked down at Mighty. “Is this true?” The wolf said, looking him up and down. Mighty gulped and looked back at Fox who was cracking his knuckles and smiling. “Yes Sir…” Mighty said as he dropped his head.

The wolf led Mighty to the principal’s office, he opened the door and motioned for Mighty to sit. As the wolf left, and closed the door, the teacher turned around in her chair. Mighty read her name tag ‘Principle San’ She has Snow White hair, and was wearing a bright red shirt, and had a tattoo right below her left eye. “Ah, mighty… Very disappointing, for your first day…” She shuffled some papers for a second, before returning her attention to the student in front of her. “I hereby, punish you to serve detention for the rest of this week, unless of course you have an objection…” San said, grinning. “No, ma’am” Mighty responded, dropping his head. “Good, now get out of my office, Detention is waiting.” With that, mighty got up and left the room.

“What happened?” Glowstick asked, as soon as his friend left the principal’s office. “I have to serve detention for the rest of this week…” Mighty said, as he started making his way down the long hall. “Dude, I tried to stop you! You just let things like that happen, you can’t save everyone is my moto!” Glowstick, said with a grin. “I don’t regret what I did, if I hadn’t he would have hurt my friend” Mighty said, as he walked. “Wait, are you calling that Thing Your friend?” Glowstick said, his grin turning into a frown. This caused mighty to stop, and face his friend. “He would have done the same, which is more than I can say about you” Mighty said, doubting his friend. “Screw you, you can keep your little outcast friends” Glowstick said, as he walked away from mighty. ‘Should I have said that…?’ Mighty thought to himself as he entered the detention room. “Welcome back, Mighty” Lennie said as mighty entered the room. ‘Not HIM again…’ mighty thought as he found a seat. He placed his book bag next to his chair, and looked around, only to see the usual ‘Detention Dwellers’ The Emo, The Fat one, And the Prankster. “Now, I have a special surprise for you all, which will make today’s detention MUCH more enjoyable. My very own, #1 hit album, ‘Money Mess’ I hope you enjoy!” Lenny said, as he popped the CD into a small radio on his desk.

Mighty was relieved when those 2 torturous hours ended, he couldn’t leave fast enough… ‘Shoot, it’s almost dark… My parents are going to kill me….’ Mighty thought to himself as he started walking home, he started thinking to himself about a lot of things, he always loved walking at night. It was one of the most peaceful times to him, it was just HIM… and he could just think to himself. He immediately snapped out of his thought’s when he saw the silhouette of someone sitting on a park bench, he started to walk over there, but then remembered he was late as it was, he looked down at his watch, and decided to turn back on his path.

“Mighty, we are so very disappointed in you” Was all mighty heard all night, until he went to his room and turned on music to block it out… He fell back on his bed, and stared at the ceiling, which had a poster of his favorite band. ‘That was one weird day’ was the last thing he thought, before he quickly fell asleep.

The next morning mighty was awoken by the sound of his alarm going off, he slowly and groggily rolled out of his bed, throwing on an old pair of jeans and a T Shirt from his floor, he made his way to the bathroom to begin getting ready for school. “Welcome to the world, sleeping beauty” Was what he was greeted with, when he made his way down the stairs, by none other than his little sister. Mighty made a face in response, and pushed past her to get into the kitchen, “What’s for breakfast mom” Mighty asked, sniffing the air. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious! Mighty received no response, which was unusual for his normally peppy mother. Mighty felt uneasy, as he slowly crept towards his mother who had her backed turned to him, chopping some kind of vegetable, mighty was close enough to reach out and touch her when she suddenly turned around to show that who he thought was his mother was Fox Mccloud in a dress. “YOUR NEXT MEATWORM!”

Mighty suddenly awoke in a puddle of his own sweat, he sat straight up in his bed trying to catch his breath. He looked over at his alarm, “Oh man, 7:33! I overslept my alarm!” Mighty said out loud, realizing the mistake he made. He threw his covers off as he jumped out of his bed, and began multitasking. As he found out, brushing your teeth while putting on jeans isn’t always a good idea, as he began to lose balance. He rushed down the stairs with his backpack in hand, he made a quick pass through the kitchen to grab a piece of toast, and tell his mother goodbye and then he was out of the door. He ran to school, and managed to make record time, by getting there at 8:05.

“Since you bought my album, I’m going to let you off the hook” Lennie whispered in Mighty’s ear with a wink. ‘Glad I bought that…’ Mighty thought to himself as he put his backpack next to his seat. Little did Lennie know, Mighty had thrown it away in the cafeteria yesterday. Snow leaned over to mighty’s ear “What happened? I was worried you weren’t going to make it…” Snow whispered, blushing a little, not realizing what she said until it was too late. Thankfully for her, Mighty wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and thus didn’t realize what she had said. “I had a dream that Fox…” He bit his bottom lip, not really wanting to explain him embarrassing dream. “Go, on” Snow added, curious to hear the rest his story. “Was my mom…” Mighty added. Snow did her best to hold back laughter… Needless to say, she did a horrible job. “Is there something funny about the English Verb?” Lennie asked, making his way to the back of the classroom towards Snow. “N-no sir, just thinking about a joke from home…” Snow responded, forcing a fake smile, while rubbing her neck.

“Well, don’t keep the class waiting, we want to hear this, ‘Super Funny’ Joke.” Lennie said, putting his hands on his hips, with his typical frown. “Hehe, well… uhm…” Snow responded, trying her hardest to brainstorm. ‘Why is it so hard to think of one stupid joke?’ She thought to herself. “What did the Chinese man order? 9 Lives….” She forced a fake smile, and felt her entire soul being engulfed by a black hole with embarrassment. “Your family needs to improve their sense of humor, now pay ATTENTION!” Lennie said, as he turned around and made his way back to his chalkboard. “Thanks for not ratting me out…” Mighty whispered. Snow brushed her bangs out of one of her bright turquoise eye. “No problem, you are in deep enough trouble as it is… First few days at school suck” Snow responded, turning her head and returning her attention to the teacher.

The cafeteria lady piled spaghetti on Mighty’s plate with her same permanent frown, after a few more stop’s, mighty proceeded to walk towards his table in the corner of the room, he sat down with the rest of his friends. “Have you guy’s seen Glowstick, I haven’t seen him all da-“ Mighty’s sentenced was cut short when someone grabbed him by his shoulder’s, only one thing came to mind: ‘Fox’ “Miss me sweetheart?” Glowstick grinned, seeing his plan to scare his friend had succeeded. “Dude, don’t do that…” mighty stated, feeling his heartbeat start to lower. Glowstick grinned, and started shoving his face full of food in return. “You’re gross” Snow stated in disgust at the person sitting across from her pigging out. Glowstick made a face in response. “I thought you were-“ Mighty was interrupted by his friend, “Still pissed about yesterday? What do you take me for, a girl? No offense snow” Glowstick interrupted, adding a short chuckled at the end, before returning to eating. Mighty smiled, a wave of relief came over him, Glowstick was one who typically took great offense over stupid things.

Mighty looked down at the slop on his plate, he wasn’t hungry. He instead changed his focus to the people who just entered the cafeteria, Krystal and her friends. He smiled and leaned over on his arm. Which slowly turned into a frown when he saw Fox by her side. A kid, wearing a purple hoodie with thick rimmed glasses sat at the ‘Nerd’ Table, “Why can’t Krystal be my girlfriend, I am so much better then that Slab of meat…” He said under his breath, he probably wouldn’t have if he knew that the ‘Meat slab’ He just mentioned was standing right behind him and heard every word. “What did you say, you little worm?” Fox said, as he smashed the student’s face into his own mash potatoes. Which resulted in a laughter from the entire room, Fox laughed at himself and put his arm around Krystal’s shoulder.

The rest of the week went by pretty fast for mighty, and he was extremely pleased to step out of detention on Friday. Because truth be told, listening to ‘Money Mess’ For 5 days in a row can really mess with a man’s head. As he stepped out of the school building and onto the concrete stairs he took a breath of fresh air, “First weekend of school” he said aloud, with a grin. “It’s about time” Mighty jumped, and turned around to see his friend, Glowstick sitting by the door with a goofy smile on his face. “don’t scare me like that dude” Was Mighty’s response, “Hey, I am the one who suffered here. I had to wait here playing Candy Crush for 2 hours” Glowstick said, showing Mighty his phone. “Aren’t you a little old for that game?” Mighty said, smiling a little bit. “Hey, if it kills time” Glowstick responded with a shrug as walked up to his friend.

“So… I was thinking maybe we could catch a movie or something, I hear that the new Resident Evil movie is pretty good…” Glowstick asked, putting his hands in his pockets. “Sure, it beats sitting in my room… BUT” Mighty responded. Glowstick raised one eyebrow, “You buy the popcorn.” Mighty finished with a smile. “Deal” Glowstick said, as they both started walking towards the theater. “So… did you see the principle?” Glowstick asked, as they walked into town, “Yeah…” Mighty responded. “Totally Hot, Right?” Glowstick stated, putting his arm’s behind his head. “I guess” Mighty said, focusing more on the setting sun then his inappropriate friend.

“That movie sucked wind” Glowstick said, as him and his friend said walked out of the theater. “What is this? What have you done to me?” Glowstick mocked, as him and his friend laughed. “Hey, it was still better then your music” Mighty said, with a smirk. Glowstick rolled his eyes in response. Mighty looked up into to the night sky, “Man, it’s late” Mighty said as he checked his phone, “8:34” He said, putting it back in his pocket. “You call that late? I once stayed up for 2 days straight, with nothing but a pack of gummy worms and a red bull, waiting for the Z-Box 4 in line… Worth it” Glowstick said, recalling his past stupidity. “Only to have it taken away the second you got home for skipping school” Mighty finished, breaking out in laughter. “Oh shut up, I got it back a week later…” Glowstick said putting his hand’s in the pocket of his hoodie. “Well, I guess I better head home, I’m sure my mom and pop are worried we got snatched up by pedophiles or something…” Mighty said to his friend. “Oh… Alright, well… I guess ill see you tomorrow dude…” Glowstick responded, with slight disappointment. “For sure” Mighty said, with a smile.

‘This is going to be a good year…’ Mighty thought to himself as he walked home, as he smiled. He started humming to himself as he thought about everything that happened that week, as well as his friend Glowstick. Who had helped him through quite a bit of rough times in his life. He was his one and only Life-Long friend, who would always have his back. He may be annoying, but he would never let him down. As he walked through the park, he looked over at the bench. That same silhouette was there, and curiosity was killing him. ‘Who was this new person, and what was there obsession with this crumby run down park?’ He thought to himself, as he bit his bottom lip. As thoughts of his parents warnings to never approach a stranger came to mind, which he obviously ignored. He had been in this neighborhood for his entire life, and NOBODY used this park… After the teenagers destroyed the place it looks more like a scene from an apocalyptic movie, then something anyone would ever actually visit.

As he approached the bench, a familiar face came into view. “Snow?” Mighty asked, at the sudden break in silence, she jumped up from the seat. “M-mighty, oh my gosh, you scared me half to death” She said, putting her hand over her heart. Mighty rubbed the back of his neck, “Sorry…” He said, feeling bad for scaring his new-found friend. Snow, after getting her breath back let out a short giggle. “It’s okay… Do you jump up all of your friends?” Snow asked, putting her hands on her hips. “Not usually.” Mighty said, as he laughed. “Say, what are you doing here…? This place is so destroyed” Mighty asked, as he looked around. “That’s why I like it so much, nobody else comes around here… It’s a place that I can come and just let my thoughts take over, you know?” Snow said, sitting back down. “Believe me, I know. I have a little sister.” Mighty stated.

The two carried on their conversation for many hours, under the dimly lit street light, mighty had completely forgotten about his at-the-time worried sick parents. “Well, its been nice sharing my thoughts with you Mighty… We should do it again sometime…” Snow said, as she stood up from the park bench. “Definitely” Mighty stated, smiling. “Oh, I almost forgot, here is my phone number. If you ever need anything just give me a buzz!” She said as she handed mighty a little slip of paper.  He watched snow walk off until he could no longer see her under the moon’s glare.

Mighty quietly opened the front door to his house, trying his best not to make any noise. As he turned back around from closing the door, he was greeted with his younger, bright green sister staring right into his soul. “You’re going to be in soooooo much trouuuble~~~” his younger sister mocked, opening her mouth to call her parents. “No, no, no…. please Matilda, I’ll do anything…” Mighty begged, covering his sisters mouth. “Anything?” She asked, pushing Mighty’s hand away to expose her devilish grin. “Anything” Mighty stated, knowing that if his parents found out he was out 3 hours after curfew he would get grounded for life… “Alright, then take me to the next party you and Glowstick go to…” She said, with that same stupid grin. Mighty didn’t want to say yes, as deep down, he loved his sister, and didn’t want anything to happen to her. But on the other hand, he also didn’t want to get in trouble with his parents. “Fine” Mighty said, biting his bottom lip. “Pleasure doing business with you” Matilda said, smiling as she did a heel spin and returned to her room. Mighty took off his shoes and crept up to his room, being extra careful as he walked by his parents bedroom, he ground his teeth as one of the floorboards creaked. He finally made it to his room, and breathed out a sigh of relief as he threw his clothes on the floor he laid down on his bed, and closed his eyes, eventually falling into a deep sleep.

“Bzzt, Bzzt” Mighty opened one eye, and looked over at his ringing phone. “Morning already?” He asked himself, as he reached over and fumbled with his phone, trying to pick it up. Eventually he got a grip on it, and brought it to his ear. “Hello…?” Mighty asked, in a mumble. “Dude, did you just get up…? It’s like 11:30 AM, even I don’t get that wasted. What happened?” Glowstick asked his friend, eager to hear the answer. “Nothing, I just like sleeping…” Mighty lied, sitting up straight on his bed as he yawned. “Whatever, anyways… I called to see if you want to come over to my place, so we can go to the mall together… Best Buy is having a huge sale on their new headphones” Glowstick asked a little bit disappointed at his friends response, “Since when do you keep up with mall sales? You become girlish more and more everyday” Mighty said, as he stretched and stood up. “Oh shut up, so you wanna come or not? I thought we could probably grab some lunch or something while we are out…” Glowstick asked, with what sounded like a video game playing in the background. “Yeh, sure… Is it alright if I invite Snow…?” Mighty asked, as he slipped on his clothes. “Aww, your inviting your little girlfriend…? Knock yourself out, my wittle wovebird” Glowstick mocked, “Shut up… we’re just friends” Mighty said, “Yeah whatever. See you soon man” Glowstick said, as he hung up.

Mighty threw on his favorite hoodie, started digging through its pockets until he pulled out that little slip of paper that snow had given him. As he punched the numbers into his phone. He listened to it ring for a little while until someone picked up. “Hello… who is this?” Snow asked, in a rude tone. “Oh, uhm its me Mighty…” Mighty said, a little surprised by her rude tone. “Oh, I’m sorry! I have been getting a lot of prank calls lately… Fox somehow got my number, and he’s been posting it in the entire school…” Snow said, with a change in tone. “Oh, he is such a friggen’ jerk!” Mighty said, feeling more hatred for Fox… “Yeah…” Snow said. “Well, I was calling to see if you wanted to come to the mall with me and Glowstick?” Mighty said, smiling. “Yeah, I would love too! I was actually going to anyway, Orca and Slippy were going to some stupid sale, Snow said. Adding a giggle to the end, “Cool, I guess I’ll see you there!” Mighty said, “Definitely! Talk to you then.” Snow said, as she hung up her phone.

Mighty walked up to his friend’s door and started knocking, after a few seconds had passed Glowstick opened the door. “Sorry, I don’t want to buy any Girl Scout cookies…” Glowstick said, smiling. Which resulted in a frown from Mighty. “Jeez, have a sense of humor” Glowstick said, as he stepped out of the door. As they both started to walk down the sidewalk that led into town Glowstick looked over at Mighty, “So…?” Glowstick asked. “So what…?” Mighty said, looking over at his friend as he raised an eyebrow. “Is snow coming…?” Glowstick added. As he put his hands in his pockets. “Yeah, she was coming anyway… Her friends said they wanted to go to a sale…” Mighty said, as he kicked a pebble off the sidewalk out of boredom. “Cool” Glowstick said, returning his focus ahead of him.

As the two walked into town, they started walking down alleys, and taking every shortcut possible. They both hated the city of Sauria. There was always someone trying to sell you something on the streets, and telling a crackhead “No” Got old… They eventually got to the parking lot of the Large Blue and Red mall which had large lettering on which read “Sauria Shopping Center, City Mall” In bright yellow lettering. “Finally” Glowstick said, the 15 minute walked seemed like it took forever, especially when you were as impatient as Glowstick was. As they walked up the front doors the saw a Bright Red Convertible Porsche 911 with its top down. As it got closer they could see it was carrying Snow, Orca, Slippy, and some Blonde Chick. “Wow…” Glowstick said aloud, his jaw nearly hitting the concrete below. As the three of them got out, Orca Turned around, “Thanks Medusa” Orca said, leaning over the car door. “No Problem, I’ll pick you up at 3:30, don’t be late” She said, as she put the luxury car in 1st gear and sped out of the parking lot. “Duhooood, was that your mom…..!” Glowstick asked, watching the red car pull out onto the highway. “No…” Orca said, as he walked up next to snow. “Sister…?” Glowstick asked, as they all started walking towards the large automatic sliding doors. “She’s just a friend” Orca said, not paying Glowstick the least bit of attention. “Some friend…” Glowstick said, still Day Dreaming about the Red Car.

As the small group of teenagers stepped into the large mall the smell of Brand New clothes hit them like a brick wall, it was a smell that mighty was embarrassed to say he liked. Mighty looked over at Glowstick who was still attached to Orca by the hip, begging him for the phone number of the girl, he obviously did what any other smart person would do, and ignored him. “Whatever, you suck…. I’m gonna split mighty, ill give you a buzz when im done, ok?” Glowstick said, as he walked away from the group, not giving mighty a chance to answer. “Same here!” Slippy said, as he dragged Orca by the arm, with him. Orca looked back at snow, He lip synced ‘Help me’ before he was dragged into a women’s cloth store. “Does he know….?” Mighty said, scratching his head. “Yep, he likes the female mannequins….” Snow said, giggling. “I guess everyone has their thing…” Mighty said, shrugging his shoulders, snow nodded in response. The two of them started walking around the large shopping center, occasionally walking into a shop. The two of them made good conversation, surprisingly for being so different, the two of them were both very relatable.

“These are beautiful!” Glowstick said, staring wide eyed at a brand new pair of Bose headphones, these were the pair that were on sale, 30% off, which was significant for a $500 pair of headphones. And lucky for him, the only pair left were painted with a gloss Lime Green finish. He quickly snatched the pair and began to head to the front counter, “Just press this FriCKen button, it’s that simple GlassEye!” The manager said to his male co-worker, as he pointed to a button the black cash register. Which resulted in a simple nod. Glowstick walked to the counter as the manager stomped off, as he placed the pristine box on the counter he looked at the man behind the counter, he was around his height, and looked to be the same age, he head jet black hair, and bangs that covered one of his eyes. He had a extremely blank expression as he looked at Glowstick. He read his name tag: ‘Hello, my name is Jin’ written in a very lazy manner. Glowstick smiled as he brought his current headphones off his head and placed them around his neck. “This will be all, also, don’t sweat it. I have been coming here since I have made my first dime. That manager treats everyone like garbage… Well, everyone except for his customers…” Glowstick said, smiling at the strange teenager. Jin just stared blankly at Glowstick, until it became very awkward. Glowstick cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. Until the teenager finally picked up the box and scanned it.

Mighty and Snow finally entered the Food Court, which housed any type of food you could possible think of, “So… what are you getting?” Snow asked, as she brushed her bangs out of one of her eyes. “Im not sure…” Mighty said, as he looked around rubbing his chin. “Hey guys!” They both turned to see Slippy and Orca walking up to them, Slippy was carrying two Armfuls of shopping bags, and Orca had one medium sized one. “Hey! We were just trying to figure out what we wanted to get for lunch” Snow said, smiling at her reunited friends. “Sugar, Sugar, SUGAR!” Slippy said, rubbing his webbed hands together. Mighty still wasn’t sure about him, he seemed dangerous. Orca walked away, towards a small Po Noodle shop, across the food court. Slippy headed off towards a Sweet Store. “How about a hamburger?” Snow said, pointing to a Steak and Shake. “You read my mind…” Might said, relieved he didn’t have to decide.

As Slippy walked up the Marry Anne’s he noticed a familiar face at the counter. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!! Is that you?!?!?!” He said, as he ran up the counter. The Pale man, in a red dress shirt quickly ducked behind the counter, “Please don’t see me, Please don’t see me…” Ed Whispered to himself as he closed his eye lids. He slowly opened them to find the frog staring right at him. Which resulted in a scream from Ed. “Slippy, how many times do I have to tell you to stay away from me, im going to get a restraining order…” Ed said, as he picked up the frog by the collar and threw him over the counter. “You can’t~~~~ I have to make an order!” Slippy said, as a devilish smile grew on his face. If Ed had eyes, then he was sure that a teardrop would have come out.

The four friends sat down, each with different food, and began eating. All except Orca, who slowly picked at his noodles, as he leaned his head into one of his hands. Mighty was extremely curious about Orca, he never spoke, and never showed emotion. But he never asked him, as it was none of his business. “Miss me…?” Glowstick said, placing a tray which consisted of an Energy drink, and a small plate of Pasta. “No…” Snow said, smiling. Even though she couldn’t see it, Glowstick secretly lifted a particular finger under the table. “You’re gonna kill yourself with those things, one of these days…” Mighty said, eyeing the small black can on Glowstick’s tray. “Oh jeez, aren’t I loved?” Glowstick said, as he sighed. As the 5 of them were eating mighty switched his glare from his food to the Blue Fox sitting by herself, across the court. HE felt his heart pounding, This was his chance to finally talk to her alone. Glowstick leaned over to see what his friend was looking at, “Oooh, does little miss Jean Jacket have a secret admirer?” Glowstick said, looking the girl up and down. Mighty ignored Glowstick, and stood up. “I am going to go talk to her…” Mighty said as he started making his way towards the Blue Vixen.

Glowstick looked at snow, who rested her head in one of her hands, as she was fiddling with her straw with the other. “Friend zone?” Glowstick asked, losing his typical grin. This caused snow to look up and brush her bangs out of one of her eyes, “Oh shut up, Beat-Boy” Snow said, with a look if disgust. This caused a moment of silence between the four friends. Slippy and Orca reached into their pockets and pulled out their phones, and started tapping away. “Well, I’m just  saying… I know him better then anyone, he isn’t that bright. Maybe you should just blatantly tell him… But then again, he is mesmerized by Little Blue” Glowstick said, pointing to Krystal from across the large room. Snow bit her bottom lip, and thought about what he said for a while.

Mighty walked across the Food Court, trying to act as cool as possible. And not seem like a stalked of any kind. He finally was within 100 feet of her table, he looked her up and down. She was reading some kind of novel, by the name ‘DarkWing’ Which might had never heard of. Never the less, he needed a pick up line. ‘Fake it until you make it…’ He thought to himself as he approached her table. He pulled the seat out from across her and sat down. “That’s a good book!” Mighty stated, praying to god he didn’t sound creepy. She looked up from the book, with a bright smile. “Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one!” She said, obviously fangirling out. “Yeah, its my favorite book!” Mighty said, trying to act as cool as possible. “That is so awesome… Who was your favorite character?” She asked, as she closed her book. This caused a little shock to mighty. He never thought he would get this far. “Whew, there is so many it would be hard to say!” He lied, rubbed his neck. “I totally agree, anyways… Sorry for being such a fangirl! My name is Krystal, and you’re?” She asked, holding out her hand, “I’m Mighty...” He said, reaching across the table to shake her hand. “Wait, didn’t you just start school at Sauria?” She asked, while she shook his hand. “Yeah…” he said, as he pulled his hand back. “Oh cool, I could have sworn I have seen you around, it’s been nice meeting you mighty!” She said, as she stood up, gathering her things. “Same with me!” Mighty said, She turned around and smiled at him before she started walking away. Mighty returned to his table.

A few hours passed, as the 5 friends talked about random things, until the clock hit 3:30 and it was time to leave, as the five of them walked outside. They waited around for a few minutes until the long awaited Bright Red Convertible pulled up, “Get in, I have places to be…” Medusa said, as she shifted the car into park. Slippy and Orca stepped into the car, Snow was about to put her foot in when she turned around to face mighty, “I had fun… Thanks for inviting me” Snow said, smiling before she turned back around and sat down in the car. Mighty opened his mouth but was cut off, by the screeching of tires, as the Porsche Sped out of the parking lot. “Man, she’s hot…” Glowstick said, looked at the car. “Dude, she’s old enough to be your mother….” Mighty said, adding a short laugh at the end. “Mmm, I can get down with that…” Glowstick said, as he stepped down from the steps. Mighty looked at his friend, “You’re messed up” Mighty stated, as they both burst out laughing. The two started there long way home. “She said she enjoyed our talk…” Mighty stated, as the two walked down the sidewalk. Glowstick looked at his friend and raised one eyebrow, “What?” He asked, confused at his friends statement. “Krystal, she said she enjoyed our talk dude… I think she likes me…” Mighty said, smiling. Glowstick remembered his conversation with snow, and almost felt bad for her. “Talking, and dating are very different bro” Glowstick said, with his hands in his pockets. Mighty looked at his friend, “Do you think I have a chance against Fox…?” Mighty asked, in a very serious tone. Glowstick rubbed the back of his neck, not really sure on how to answer his friend. “Uhm… Well, you have definitely got more brains than him…” Glowstick stated. “True…” Mighty said.

The rest of the walk was pretty silent, the two of them didn’t really say much. They finally made it to their street and the two of them split of in their separate directions, after saying goodbye. Mighty opened the door to his house, he looked at the clock right above the hallway to see it was only a quarter past 4. He took his shoes of in the doorway and stepped into the living room to see his parents watching television. “Hey mom, Hey dad!” Mighty said, as he walked past them. “Hello sweetie!” The responded. He really wished they wouldn’t call him that. HE grabbed a banana from the kitchen and started up the stairs towards his room. As he opened the door he took a bite out of his fruit, and sat down at his desk. He opened up the web browser and spent the rest of his Saturday surfing the web, mainly he was looking up dating advice, which obviously was hard to, as almost everyone online was a buffoon.

Eventually it became so late that he could barely keep his eyes open, so he shut off his monitor and laid down on his bed, he looked over at his phone that laid on his nightstand, he leaned over and swiped it off the nightstand, he clicked it on and looked at his missed text’s, which were from Glowstick. They were all stupid emoji’s of smiley faces blowing kisses. He rolled his eyes and threw is phone back onto the night stand, he laid down on his bed, and stared up at his ceiling, he laid there for a few minutes. Just thinking to himself, as he counted the tiny imperfections of the roof in his mind. Something he only did when he was in deep thought. He mostly thought of Krystal, in particular. ‘Am I turning into a stalker…?’ He thought to himself as he turned off the light switch and closed his eyes.

Mighty opened his eyes, and noticed he was standing in a bed of flowers, his eyes quickly darted around, everything was so bright, and cheerful. He looked down at the flowers that were planted by his feet, all were extremely bright and colorful. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, he could have sworn they were smiling! “Hello, dear” He lifted his head from the ground, to the blue fox in a wedding gown which stood in front of him. His jaw dropped, seeing his crush in such a beautiful gown, she smiled warmly in response. She stepped closer to him, they were merely inches apart. “I love you…” She whispered and leaned in to kiss him

Mighty slowly opened his eyes, only to be disappointed. “Shoot…” He said to himself, realizing he was just having a dream. He looked over at his alarm, ‘9:30 AM… Much earlier then yesterday’ he thought to himself, as he laid in his bed, he rubbed his eyes and then proceeded to roll out of bed and get dressed, he threw on an old raggedy T-Shirt, and some sweats from his closet. Today was Sunday, and he had planned on being lazy. He walked over and sat down at his desk, he turned on his computer. After a few minutes of waiting on his ancient machine to start up he was finally able to open the internet browser, he pulled up his social media pages and started scrolling down, until a loud ‘Ding’ Was heard from his speakers, he looked up at his notifications to see a Friend request from no other then Krystal. He smiled at the sight of this, and thought about his dream. He quickly and swiftly pressed the “Accept” Button, he turned off his monitor and did a short fist pump as he stood up.

He made his way down the stairs, and walked into the kitchen, to see his sister swiping a beverage from the fridge. “What are you so happy about” She said, as she snapped the cap off. “Nunya bizzness” Mighty responded, pushing past her to get to the fridge. “Whatever, mom and dad had to go to an appointment… They said they wouldn’t be back until later tonight…” She said, and walked off. He searched the fridge, and finally pulled out a Monster Energy Drink, he hated these things, but they were the only thing that works, and he could use the little boost of energy, as he might have stayed up a little too late watching internet memes. He pulled back the tab and took a sip, he leaned against the counter wondering to himself if he should message Krystal something, or if it was just best to play it cool. He shook the thought and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, which was so soft that he almost sunk to the floor. He clicked on the TV and started watching some random Teenage Drama movies out of boredom, he did this for two or three hours until The Twilight Saga came on, in which he immediately turned it off. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and started playing a game, until he received a text from Glowstick which read: ‘Mind if I come over…? Bored out of my mind…’ Mighty sighed, Glowstick was his brother… But he really wished he gained some new friends so he wasn’t always bugging mighty. ‘Sure’ Is what Mighty reluctantly responded, he was hoping to spend his Sunday relaxing, not entertaining someone.

30 minutes had passed when mighty heard a knock at the door, which he assumed was Glowstick, he stood up from the couch and stretched his back and walked towards the door, and opened it to reveal non other then, his friend. “Hey Fat Albert” Glowstick said, laughing at his friends red shirt and sweats. Mighty made a displeased face and closed the door behind his friend. “I’m sorry I wanted to relax…” Mighty said, turning around to look at his friend who had already made himself at home on the couch. Glowstick stopped and rubbed his chin, and then pointed at Mighty, “forgiven” He said, as a grin from ear to ear spread on his face. Mighty rolled his eyes and made his way to the chair across from his friend. Glowstick’s eyes darted around for a short while, “Where’s your parents…?” He said, in a whisper. “Gone on business” Mighty said yawning. “Ahh…” Glowstick said leaning back into the soft couch. To Mighty’s surprise Glowstick’s expression changed into a more serious one. “Listen, the reason I came was to tell you th-“ Glowstick was cut off by a loud sound from Mighty’s room. They both stopped and looked at each other before rushing to the room. “I swear, if my sister is trying to steal my money again…” Mighty said as they both ran up the stairs. They finally reached Mighty’s room and swung open the door, their eyes darted around, searching for the cause of the noise, but they couldn’t find one. “What the…” Glowstick said, they both entered the room and began searching for what the loud thump was. But to there surprise they couldn’t find one they both sat down on Mightys bed and looked at eachother with wonder, “I wasn’t just imagining things, was I?” Mighty asked, his friend who was equally confused. “No.. I definitely heard that too…” Glowstick said, as he scratched his head. “What are you looking for…?” Both Glowstick and Mighty almost jumped out of their pants as the launched off the bed and immediately turned backwards to see where the voice came from.

They both stared in aw at Orca, who was leaning against the open window’s frame, he had the same blank expression as he always did. “WHAT THE HELL DUDE!?!!?” Glowstick asked, as he put his hand over his rapidly beating heart. Orca shrugged, and looked blankly at them, with his pure black eyes, which Mighty had never really noticed before, they were surprisingly unsettling. “You realize… You just did breaking and entering on my house….right…?” Mighty stated, in a very displeased tone. “My father said to never use a strangers door, as they could easily plant an IED in the door frame, which could blow you to bits” Orca said, jumping of the window sill and standing up in Mighty’s room, he walked over to Mighty’s desk and sat down in his chair and swiveled around to face the two. “What is you’re dad? General Patton?” Glowstick said, still furious. “Actually, he would be more like Hitler…” Orca said, as he fiddled his fingers. Mighty was confused with that statement but shrugged it off, “So… was there a reason why you snuck into my room” Mighty said, as he sat back down onto his bed. Orca’s eyes trailed off, as he hesitated. Glowstick joined his friend, and sat down onto the bed, with his arms crossed, waiting for an answer from Orca. “Well, I have 2 reservations at the Sublimotion Restaurant… Snow was busy, so I figured I’d ask you if you wanted to come.” Orca said to Mighty, as he pulled two Holographic multicolored tickets out of his Dark Black pants.

Mighty and Glowstick’s Jaws hit the floor, HARD. The Sublimotion Sauria’s most exquisite restaurant, it costed nearly $2000 for JUST the reservations. Usually, the reservations were passed down through generations, and were used to define ones wealth, and here this random High School Student had two, he was willing to blow on a kid he barely knew. Mighty was speechless, he looked around for a camera, to make sure that he wasn’t be pranked, Orca didn’t look like the kind for YouTube, but anymore any Ape with a camera can make ‘Hood prank gone wrong’ Videos. To his surprise though, there wasn’t a single camera aimed at him. “Are you serious…?” Glowstick asked for Mighty, with slight jealousy in his voice. “I mean, if you don’t want to go, its cool…” Orca said, standing up. “I would be honored…” Mighty said, still blown away. “Cool, we’ll be here to pick you up at 3:00” Orca said as he walked up the window and leaped out. Glowstick and Mighty immediately ran over to the window and looked out, expecting the student to be laying the ground with a broken leg, but shockingly he was walking down the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets.

“Dude, maybe he’s a serial killer… You don’t actually believe him do you…?” Glowstick said to his friend, as he walked over to his friend’s computer and sat down on his chair. Mighty sat there still in shock, with his mouth wide open. “I have to get ready…” Mighty said jumping up from his bed and running over to his closet only stopping to looked at the clock, which read ‘1:49’ He swung the door oipen and immediately started shoveling through his poorly organized closet, only to find wrinkled, and extremely classless clothes. He ran out of his closet and looked at his friend. “Dude, I have nothing fancy…” Mighty stated, starting to panic, as he paced around in his room. “Please tell me you don’t actually believe this…” Glowstick said, beginning to worry for his friend. Mighty stopped and looked at his friend, why would snow trust him if he was a bad guy…?” Mighty said, looking displeased at his friend. Glowstick face palmed at this and looked at his friend dead in the eyes. “Dude, you have only known these people for little over a week, and you trust them with your life already…? I am seriously worried for you man… Your my brother…” Glowstick said, as he stood up and put his hands on his friends shoulders. Mighty stopped to think about what his friend said to him, and then shrugged off his friends shoulders. You saw what that girl drove… his family obviously has money” Mighty said, as he left his room and went into his parents room. Glowstick followed his friend into the bedroom and sat on the bed and watched Mighty sort through his parent’s wardrobe. “Just promise me you’ll be careful…” Glowstick said to mighty, as he stood up. And walked over to the closet.

“What do you think…?” Mighty said, as he suddenly emerged from his parents large closet holding an expensive pair of dress pants, and a dress shirt. “I think you will look like a grandpa…” Glowstick said, as a smirk returned to his face. Mighty frowned at this as he walked out of the closet and walked over to his parents large bathroom and closed the door. He quickly put on the pants and shirt and walked out of the bathroom to model for his friend. Glowstick looked him up and down, “You realize, that the slight chance that this guy isn’t a child rapist, and you ACTUALLY do go to the Sublimotion, then even with that, your going to look like a bum… right?” Glowstick said, adding a short laugh at the end. Mighty bit his bottom lip, he never really considered that… And at a restaurant like that, they could decline your reservation just because you’re tie didn’t match the color of your shirt. “Nah man, I look fabulous enough to be your dad” Mighty joked, as he slapped on some of his dads cologne and walked out of the bathroom. Glowstick gagged, “What the hell is that garbage” Glowstick said, as he held his nose and began coughing. Mighty lifted up the jar and examined the label, “Que… ‘For the working man’ apparently” Mighty said, as he chuckled. “More like for that uncle nobody ever wants to sit next to at thanksgiving…” Glowstick said, as he let go of his nose and started fanning away the smell. “Chill out dude… it’s not THAT bad, better than nothing I suppose…” Mighty said, as he placed the small brown jar back onto the bathroom counter.

“I still think this guy is pulling your leg…” Glowstick said, as he laid down on Mighty’s parents bed. “First off, get off my parents bed… They would kill me if they knew we were in here, and secondly. You-“ Mighty was cut off by the sound of the loud Chime of the doorbell. Him and Glowstick both immediately ran out of the room and towards his front door. Mighty swung the door open to reveal none other then the Kid from earlier, Orca. “You ready…?” Orca asked, right before he started sniffing the air. “What is that horrible smell…?” He said, looking around. “Told you…” Glowstick whispered into Mighty’s ear. “Im sure its nothing…” Mighty lied, and turned around to look at the large clock that was hung above the kitchen door. “Wow, its already 3! Yeah, I’m ready.. Sorry I didn’t even realize it was so late” Mighty asked as he stepped outside of his front door. Orca nodded his head and stepped out of the way, to reveal the Snow White Ferrari 365 GT that was parked in front of his house. “Wow” Both mighty and Glowstick stated, simultaneously. Its windows were tinted so you couldn’t see the driver nor passenger. Orca raised one eyebrow in a way to signify ‘What?’ Orca looked around to see someone roll down the window, and tap on their watch. “We better get going…” Orca said, as he turned around and started making his way towards the high end luxury car. “See you Glowstick!” Mighty said, as he ran towards Orca. “Don’t come crying to me” Glowstick said under his breath as he started walking down the sidewalk towards his house. The passenger door to the car, opened up, and out stepped the Blonde from before, Medusa. She pulled the seat forward and stepped back to let Orca, and Mighty into the back seat. Both of them stepped in, and sat down. Medusa got back into the car herself and closed the door. “Hey Mighty! Nice to meet you, We didn’t want Orca to have to go to our meeting’s alone, it can get kind of boring, ya’know?” A man said, in the driver seat. Mighty couldn’t get a good look at him, all he could see was the mans shoulder, he was wearing a pure white Tuxedo, which matched the Luxury car he was driving. “I’m honored that you guys invited me…” Mighty said, as he buckled his seat. The man laughed. “Oh, its nothing” He responded, as he Popped the clutch in the car, nearly snapping Mighty’s neck. The car easily went from 0-60 in 1.36 Seconds, and it wasn’t stopping. ‘This guy’s crazy’ Mighty thought to himself, as he tightly grabbed ahold of the door handle. But to Mighty’s surprise, he was an excellent driver. Dodging everything that in his path with Cat-like reflexes, After seeing this, Mighty eased up a little. His parents would kill him if they knew he was riding with this man.
Sauria United: Teenage Dirtbags: Part 1
Ongoing large crossover fan fiction, featuring Characters from Starfox, Wakfu, Sonic The Hedgehog, I Don't Want This Kind Of Hero, Nano List, and more! currently at 25K Words, finished story will be around 100k! Will be updated regularly.


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